The Pamphlets That Portray Barbados Essay Example

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Date:  2022-09-07

Located in the Eastern end of the Caribbean Islands, Barbados was a British colony. The authors of the pamphlets portray Barbados as a magnificent country with beautiful sceneries. The nation is a flourishing colony that offers so much promise to the king and the motherland. The authors vividly capture the allure of the shores, and the conducive, green, warm environment. The pamphlets depict citizens of Barbados as lazy people who did not break a sweat unless it was necessary. The people were comfortable with the bare necessities of life. However, despite the outlined positive aspects of the nation, the authors highlight the lack of civilization among the population. The authors portray them as insubordinate people. This paper discusses the prospects of rebellion and the ultimate dominance of British order in Barbados.

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Based on "a description of Barbados," the author of the pamphlet narrates his experiences as he interacted with the Barbadians. The descriptions provided create the impression that the local population was uncivilized. The people participated in rowdy exchanges due to drunkenness. Profanities characterized the disorderliness displayed the public. They take part in strange oaths and engage in corrupt activities. The author mentions that they are likely to act violently. The choice of language creates the impression that the Barbadians could revolt against the new order. While he expresses concern for his safety, he takes assurance in the knowledge that God protects him. Despite the portrayal of the population as rude and insubordinate, the Lieutenant's eagerness to serve ensures their compliance with the new way of life. His punishments to the rebellious people shall keep them in line.

The author also portrays the Barbadians as extremely lazy. He mentions that they only labor to survive. Their effort and commitment to work are due to necessity. The pamphlet tells the intentions of the people to create a new form of administration that suited their interests. Under the leadership of their chosen king, they planned to conspire against their masters and kill them. The author's account acknowledges the precision and secret nature of their plans. The secrecy of the conspiracy displays the people as capable of rebelling against a new social and political order. Unfortunately, the intended plot does not materialize. The British masters have the support of some groups. The support facilitates operations of the British in Barbados. The people forewarn the masters of the impending attacks. Consequently, the conspirators are captured and sentenced to death.

The language used in the pamphlets seeks to portray the communities as rebellious persons who have no regard for the new system introduced by the British. The choice of words aims to create a biased impression on the activities of the Barbadians. The authors use words such as ungrateful wretches and brutish people to describe the population. The documents label their actions as debauched and atheistic. The use of harsh language fails to recognize the unique way of life practice by the Barbadians. The letters emphasize the negative aspects of the society that portray the people as impolite and defiant.


In conclusion, the pamphlets capture the beautiful side of the nation. The authors highlight the positive aspects of the land and its people. However, upon further interaction with the community, the authors form different perceptions about the population and its level of civilization. The authors depict the Barbadians as people who are likely to revolt against the new way of life. They have a desire to rebel and resume the traditional way of life. The support of some citizens for the British ensures that the rebellions do not materialize. Hence, the British order prevails.

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