OSHA Fines Company: $14000 for Safety Violations - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-09


My electrical company, in this situational analysis, has violated approximately five safety regulations and rules of OSHA. The fine charged by OSHA against me is $14000, which they have instructed me to pay before the end of the month. OSHA argues that the alleged violation was a result of incorrect markings on the entrances and exit. The violations were based on the painting contractor I happen to have hired, who, in turn, used washable paint to various sign marks that violate the contract of my company has signed with him (Barron et al., 2019). Based on this violation, he needed to cater to $2000 as the penalties.

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Also, he was penalized on matters concerning sections of naked welding wires. In essence, the welding wires were joined manually with an electrical hazard, which posed the lives of the employees in higher risks. The reasoning was based on my negligence to warn them. Further, there was an electrical hazard violation. In this claim, I used some old equipment, with some of them being faulty, which jeopardized the lives of most of the employees (Lee & Taylor, 2014). Therefore, I shall address the two violations to seek negotiation with the OSHA director. In that regard, if the director lowers the fine amount by a considerably affordable amount, my company shall bear with it based on the fact that the initial charges of $14,000 were too huge for my company bear, which could have significantly led to my company significant downfall.

Based on the information I gathered, OSHA's area director is a person who is more comfortable at negotiation. However, the claim does not hold water based on the fact that General Superintendent handled her rudely. In this context, the first issue to address upon meeting her shall be based on the General Superintend matter. On their behalf, I shall tender my apology and assure the director that they were responsible for their own actions, and none reflected my trademarks towards federal offices. The assumptions is based on the belief that the director is uncompromising when her officers are not given the respect they deserved as compared to the federal officers (Lee & Taylor, 2014). The other issue I shall discuss with the director is to brief her on the necessary precaution that my company has implemented, namely the visible and apparent safety equipment such as proper clothing and fire extinguishers for the workers and smooth and clear safety guide put closer to the exit wall.

The other issue I hall tend my apology to is every violation stated shall be corrected in due course. I will fix the allegations through repainting the markings at the end of the wall with a permanent paint this time that cannot be washed. I will implore her to show some kindness to me by reducing the fines to enable me to have money to spare for the necessary correction to be solved (Barron et al., 2019).

I shall resort to accommodating and collaborative styles of negotiation since I am rendered without any leverage to use other negotiation approaches that are fruitful. I shall convince her that I am wrong on the OSHA's law, and by her having all the moral authority the decision dependently lies in her opinion (Lee & Taylor, 2014). In conclusion, I shall assure the director that irrespective of her choice to reduce my fine or not, I will make it my norm to be the first to rectify them. In essence, if she performs a check in the following week, she shall find that everything is in order and comply with OSHA"s rules and regulations.


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Lee, J. M., & Taylor, L. O. (2014). Randomized Safety Inspections and Risk Exposure on the Job: Quasi-Experimental Estimates of the Value of a Statistical Life. SSRN Electronic Journal. doi:10.2139/ssrn.2398426

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