Essay Sample on Nike: From US Giant to Global Controversy

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Date:  2023-02-27

The Nike Company had grown tremendously over the years from when it was started. First, the company had most of its sales in the United States, but now it has broadened and has markets in almost every country in the continent. The United States department of labor had declared that the company used sweatshops in manufacturing their products. In the 90s, the NIKE Company had been accused severally of the same. They had their manufacturing companies in china as it was claimed that they had worse working conditions for their employees as well as paying minimal wages.

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There was an unreasonable working time during that period. The company had issues with the government due to matter, and its image was terrible to the consumer's eye. The company improved its image over time through the way they operated, portrayed their brand and their marketing strategy. They won the heart of the people, but in March 2017, it was a huge step backwards and very unethical for the company to deny the non-governmental workers' rights consortium the rights to access their factories to access or check the labor standards.

This was interpreted in different ways; some people think that the company fears to get exposed as it still operates under the same conditions as earlier. It is suspected that the company uses child labor in their companies as well as putting their workers under harsh conditions as well as underpaying them. In my opinion, if the company were conducting its operations under the standard or required requirements, they wouldn't deny access. I think they are hiding something that mint tint the image that they have worked very hard over the years to save.

It is very right for every company to advocate for the rights of its workers in developing countries. There shouldn't be any discrimination in terms of treatment in developed or non-developed countries. Some companies tend to have their factories in developing countries to get cheap labor and to overwork the workers. Employees of every country should be treated the same no matter where they are working from. They should have equal rights, and similar advantages and allowances should be granted according to conditions. A company should learn the cultures of the people in the location it is situated to plan for its activities by the cultural practices of the region. It is unethical to ignore such kind of things.

Western companies practice capitalist imperialism when they force workers from developing countries to work under the same circumstances as those in the states. Nike practice colonialism when they submit their workers to low working conditions and small wages, even when they are working overtime. The labor boards should be permitted to access the terms. This can be viewed as exploitation, which would help them spend less resources and make huge profits. Rules should be set according to the culture, the infrastructure available, and the resources of the particular region.

There have been protests against Nike Company that were themed against anti sweatshops. The company has enough funds to work under standard conditions and pay the right amount of wages according to the sales they make annually. It is ethical to do so is a big company that it is. The companies should have a set of basic rules that should be followed by every employee regardless of where country they are from, but they should be in line with the countries rules of employment.

Technology has risen over the years. It has created employment in the tech companies, but the creations being done in the companies may finish job opportunities in other markets. The nature of robots to do work will affect developing countries. There will be less employment, so leading to low-quality life and poverty. The companies bring income to the states by creating jobs for the locals.

Purchasing a pair of sneakers can be ethical if it is purchased for someone who is in a severe need of a shoe. Buying a pair of sneakers for a homeless person who can't afford it is ethical. The Nike sneaker collection has been used in sports for a long time. High profile athletes are ambassadors of the company and are seen wearing it in the pitch. It would be ethical to purchase a pair of the same to a talented young kid to motivate him or her to work into becoming like those athletes.

Many well-wishers buy a large number of pairs of shoes and take them to a children's home. In 2018 Kanye West, who is a rapper, visited Uganda accompanied by his wife Kim Kardashian, where he gave out many pairs of his 'YE' collection to children's homes and random people. He had collaborated with Nike to manufacture the shoe that was an action of ethic. An ethical issue should be able to benefit someone who is not in a situation to afford it or to make them feel better.

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