Organized Crime: Deepening its Grip on States

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Date:  2023-05-30

Transnational organized crime in states is deepening and continues to penetrate more rooted in the government agencies. The growing number represents a threat to economic growth and democratic institutions (Kose, 2010). Countries with weak officials ignore acts of organized crimes giving the criminals the power to continue with their operations. The moves are always enabled through bribery, where corrupt officials are paid to look the other side when the above is happening. Organized criminals thus penetrate the systems of a government, making them established in the government, leading to continued crisis and problems economically (Detotto & Otranto, 2010). Corruption cripples government agencies in the form that they do not get to complete their development agendas. Corrupt officials appropriate funds meant for economic development such as empowering traders, building marketing centers, and building of infrastructure hence impeding the growth of the economy. The current economic downturn will influence the rate of organized crimes as people are still appropriating funds meant to deal with the crisis (Eagle, et al., 2010). They do not care, and thus the crisis is seen as an opportunity to loot more, thereby crippling the economy further.

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Psychological factors that contributed to the confession in the video

The accused may have suffered psychological issues that led to them confessing about the crimes they did. The feelings of guilt after committing a crime will not allow someone to live a happy and peaceful life after that. They keep on getting flashes of the crimes that they committed and ended up hating themselves. They would not forgive themselves for a crime they did because of conscience. The overpowering influences that the criminals undergo push them to the brim, and they end up confessing their acts. Some people also ended up confessing because they thought if they told lies, it would be easily detected, and they would face even more significant repercussions. That fear drove the criminals to go and confess their crimes to the judge who convicted them and found them guilty.

What stands out for me during the interviews

What stood out for me after watching the meetings with the criminals was the fact that they do not feel ashamed for their actions. The first criminal goes ahead to explain his actions without shaking a bit. He says he killed the woman and proceeded to have sex with the corpse of the woman. He says that was his first time having sex with a body and that he has never tried before, and thus it is where he lost his virginity. The fact that he is proud of himself and says those words without sweating or feeling ashamed shows he has a psychological problem and needs to seek help. I cannot imagine somebody losing their virginity to a corpse whom they killed before proceeding to have sex. It shows the deep-rooted problems that the person had, and he was not able to deal with them from the start, and now they were haunting him.

Mrs. Elizabeth Short

She was murdered brutally in Los Angeles in 1947, where her body was cut into half and mutilated severely. The killer was never found. She was an upcoming actor who was brutally murdered, and her body thrown away at a park, which was found on 15 January 1924 (Wolfe, 2006). Her murder remained one of the coldest death, as her killer was not found. She was killed while working as an actor trying to fend for herself. Several investigations ensued, but nothing was found save for false confessions that did not result in finding the killer.


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