Essay on Robert Sternberg: Exploring a New Perspective in Intelligence

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Date:  2023-04-18

In an interview Robert Stenberg, the founder of the triachic theory of intelligence. He describes his past academic life as a child as the main reason why he came to understand intelligence in a different perspective. He explains that the traditional Intelligence tests are more focused on logical and analytical reasoning, and the students failing such IQ tests should not be categorized as unintelligent (Tedx Talks, 2012). From Sternberg's interview, one notes that the world has changed, and the traditional tests are no longer viable. The possibly best definition of intelligence can be, the mental ability of a human being to deal with the environmental changes and advance in life by providing solutions to situations that are crucial for survival.

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The results of traditional Intelligence IQ tests are overemphasized when predicting success. Kim peek was described as retarded and affected by Autism and locked in a psychiatric clinic. Kim peek later proved the criteria wrong by becoming the world's most intelligent man reading and memorizing over 12,000 books (Williamson, 2009). The world nearly lost an intelligent professor of all times, Bob Stenberg, because of his poor performance in school. The IQ tests are used to determine intellectual ability and brain processing speeds. These uses should, however, not be used to categorize people into intelligent and non-intelligent because intelligence goes beyond the results of an IQ test. People failing the tests can be naturally gifted in other fields such as the making of machines.

After taking an analysis based on Gardener's theory of multiple intelligence, I discover that although I'm not too fond of mathematical reasoning and numbers, I enjoy learning through music and rhymes. Although I'm not too fond of the verbal set up of interaction, I am more inclined to learning in groups, and Finally, I discovered that I love explaining the world in a human-centered view.

Gardener's theory on multiple intelligence is right in categorizing the intelligence displayed through interaction, analyzing, and introspection (Alpay, 2019). A student who learns differently can be easily judged as unintelligent, whereas, the model being used to teach, is not compatible with their intelligence.


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