Box Station - Analysis of Vulnerabilities

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Date:  2021-09-02

(Who is the threat?) Analysis of Vulnerabilities

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(Things that give away the information/ways information on our activities can be retrieved) Assessment of Risks

(If the adversary acquires information, what is the risk/level of damage the adversary could inflict?)

Low Medium High Risk Application of Countermeasures

(What actions are we talking to reduce the risk?) Assessment of Risk After Application of Countermeasures

Box Station owns assets such as 14 warehouses in the nation located in a 40-acre land. There are 400 trucks that transport goods, 28 small vehicles, 6 forklifts in each location, 13,000 employees,13,500 desktop computers,1,200 desk phones,3000 cellular phones, intranet, and normal office furnishings. Currently, there are countermeasures such as 6-foot link fence that surround properties protected using a guard shack at the two entrances in each property. One unarmed guard operates a guard shack for 24 hours 7 days of the week. Buy American Direct (BAD) is a threat to Box Station because it is dedicated to stopping importation of Chinese products into the United States.

Its more than 10,000 members are very learned holding degrees in different fields. They are very intelligent to carry out varied illegal missions to the Box Station Company. Their systems are not secure because other people can access their confidential information. There is no proper security at the gate. All people can enter the compound and park their cars without permission. The drivers and passengers can view the compound using binoculars without anybody questioning them. The ability to access Box Station information is a very high risk because other people view their tactics of operating their business. Confidential information exposes employee and employer information. Installing security passwords on the system and choosing special people to keep the passwords without revealing them to other people.

An interview with Mr. Larry Johnson, the network administrator, Box Station, Inc., explained the station has the most updated network infrastructure with art firewalls, virus protection programs, and encryption measures. Mr. Johnson receives notifications of every attempt to access the network from unauthorized persons. He is the trusted person who approves employees desiring to access the network. There is network encryption access card (NEAC) for employees attempting to access their network. The Box Station company has personalized pin with NEAC to log on to the network. Missing NEAC is reported to Mr. Johnson for disabling

Ensuring the gate has security personnel to check the cars and people leaving and entering the gate.

Reporting the illegal actions to the police and the administration for them to take action.

Wilson notified his insurance provider after realizing three boats were missing from Wilson Marine, and the gate to the storage yard was smashed.

Deputy James Fuller forced a suspicious vehicle with two occupants, parked on an empty street facing the direction of the Box station.

Informing the police about suspicious people requesting the location and the environment in the Box Station Inc. Mr. Pedro Sanchez called the police to arrest two people drunk in his bar. The two enquired about Box Station. The employees in Box Station strictly used the passwords to access the network. Thus, no other unauthorized person could access the network. Security personnel operated the compound fleeing away intruders and ensuring there is no access to Box Station premises. The firewalls and antivirus programs ensure there is no hacking of companys premises.

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