Oppression of Women in the Early 1900S to the 1950S Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-28

The challenges each of these women faced in their daily life.

Oppression of women was paramount in the early 1900s to the 1950s. These women did possess the will to fight for their fellow women and in doing so were persecuted by the 'men' who had caused these oppressions. Their will to fight for women's' rights often failed thanks to lack of support from the fellow women. It was until they established groups that they were able to be heard. Their social status was low and did not bear much voice as they began the road to equality and recognition of women in the same breath as men.

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What did they see as the major problems within their society?

Low wages were given to the women workers, and domestic workers did work for more than thirteen hours. Even though some worked in the same environment with men, they did not receive similar pay to that of men. They did not possess the right to vote and had no workgroups to support them.

Do they suggest a solution to these problems?

Through various protests these women were able to bring forth their issues and in doing so gained most of what they wanted. They campaigned for equality with the male gender and minimal working hours.

How does Rose Schneiderman's account relate to the article about the garment maker's strike?

Like the garment makers strike, Rose Schneiderman was a factory worker too and had been part of strikes condemning the factories for not serving its workers well. Long working hours and low wage-led Schneiderman to join the garment workers struck in 1909. That same year she was part of the waist makers strikes too. These protests were aimed at liberating the worker form oppression in the factories.

How does the history of domestic workers reflect the challenges of women to unionize? How can we generalize the experiences of the Southern Nurse? What challenges does the Farm Woman discuss?

The women who were in domestic jobs were desperate and had no other dependence. Some were immigrants; they did not have a choice and felt that the risk of unionizing would lead to job loss and thus loss of income.

The fact that she was not married made her employ foreman to help in the management of her huge farm. Record keeping is a task she has to do, and she has to wake up early to manage her farm. She cannot live her life like a normal housewife.

How do the women in 1900 and the contemporary women challenge the notion of the traditional farm wife?

They have adopted a method of management where they can hire the workers and can manage the farm - doing business and ability to conduct calculation of the balance sheets in the farm. Being a woman has not stopped them from taking up the role of ownership. She has become a good bookkeeper and her fruits are visible.


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