Opioid Abuse and Addiction: Evaluating Prevention and Health Programs - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-17


An opioid is a drug substance constituting of strong painkillers. Opioid abuse and addiction are causing alarm in the United States (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2019). Goodman wrote an article on evaluating community disease prevention and programs promoting health. In the article, Goodman included some principle but not limited to those discussed below. Principles by Goodman point out both formative and summative aspects of evaluation. Principles of evaluation by Goodman can generally help an individual monitor the complex nature of societal programs. Among these principles are one, availability of a theory program to facilitate in the assessment. Two, availability of assessing tools within the community and the third principle being the guide in the evaluation should follow the question asked and consider both qualitative and quantitative measurements.

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Each principle has its relevance, as shown below. First, using theories, also known as logic models, helps the evaluators to identify the necessary resources needed in each stage of the program. The use of logic models will determine the availability of the resources required. Therefore, logic models play a significant role in planning and evaluating the health program. Secondly, the availability or accessibility of assessing tools within the community is necessary. The community of interest must be evaluated using tools that agree to the local language, culture, age, and attention span. Such tools helps acquire the right information, which facilitates better evaluation. In case, the tools of evaluation are being obtained from a different community; they must be subject to change to accommodate the community of interest. Lastly, qualitative and quantitative assessment allows the community to be engaged both in a practical and rational way. Such engagement allows necessary forms of criticism that are important in a health program.

Mental health in Dekalb is a major problem. Concerned people by identifying needs and seek to prevent mental health and substance abuse, they can bring a positive change (Dekalb county mental health report, 2009). Drug abuse and alcohol was the second-highest health concern causing risky behavior in DeKalb county. Alcohol and drug abuse were at 12% after mental health problems with 13%. The IPLAN 2017-2022 reports that adolescents aged 10-19 are at risk of developmental disorders and substance abuse, among others. Media has been exposed as one of the factors endangering adolescents. Media exposes smoking and drinking behaviors among others to adolescents. The above information has been of importance to my study because it shows the engagement of adolescents and teens on drug abuse, which is my concern.

Ways that may help improve the health state in DeKalb county include better communication. Such communication will help create awareness on how to access health services. Secondly, the right people must be put in place. Right investment should also be made to get the right services. The society must be educated on mental health conditions and stigma coming with it. Additional support groups are recommended. Fundamental services should be focused on to reduces the many deaths occurring from things like drug abuse (IPLAN 2017-2022).

These resources are of importance because they show the link between the original work and the writers work without losing the original meaning. Referencing also provides other related articles of the work. Resources used in my work shows the risk factor of drug abuse in Dekalb county. Articles submitted are analyzing the problem, to what extent has the problem affected the community of interest and how the problem can end. From the writings of Goodman, it is clear that the community must be fully engaged to solve health problems affecting them. Drug abuse and mental health go hand in hand.


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