Netflix: A People-Oriented Culture for Global Expansion - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-14


The organizational culture of Netflix values people over processes. The employees conceptualize the work environment in terms of responsibility, autonomy, diversity, intense internal competition, and collaboration (Corritore, Goldberg, & Srivastava, 2019). The intrapersonal culture has helped Netflix to capture a broader market in recent years through original content and innovation.

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Over recent years, Netflix has extended its services to more new markets. In its globalization strategy, Netflix faced challenges such as language barriers in nations with customers who prefer local-language programming over English content (Brennan, 2018). However, Netflix has a diverse, flexible workforce. This might have contributed to the creation of internationally accepted content in all regions through audio-dubbing, subtitles, and superior marketing skills.

The leadership at Netflix has been instrumental in shaping the culture and motivating performance through talent management and empowerment (Gulati, 2019). The multicultural and diverse workforce has helped to drive innovation and coordinated work efficiency (Corritore, Goldberg, & Srivastava, 2019). Consequently, Netflix has continually grown in the changing environment.

Since Netflix gained its global popularity, it has significantly changed in response to customer needs and preferences. This has made it one of the most profitable and visited platforms in the world. Considering how Netflix does business, both its leaders and its market agree that the company is sustainable and flexible enough to overcome future competition through innovation (Taylor, 2018). Therefore, the culture of Netflix can accommodate positive changes and enable the employees to overcome negative ones for optimal business performance.

Netflix already has an inclusive culture. The company has a diverse workforce, and it encourages internal competition, responsibility, and collaboration. Moreover, Netflix encourages transparency by rewarding all employees to share their mistakes with colleagues (Corritore, Goldberg, & Srivastava, 2019). Consequently, this act improves the quality of work output. However, Netflix needs to maintain this culture to enable its employees to achieve their full potential. Research detailing the possible additions and changes to the existing organizational culture will be conducted to benefit the workers and the company.


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