Essay on NJ Motor Vehicles Commission: Breach of Employee Contract

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Date:  2023-01-29


Sick of sick notes sometimes referred to as fit notes are when employees can take time off duty if they are ill, but they are required to provide proof to their employer if they are off duty for more than seven days due to sickness (Schwartz 103). Although if the employees are during or just before their holiday, they can take the off period as sick leave instead employees at the NJ Motor Vehicles commission were highly frustrated with their agency managers for breaching the employees' contractual rights within the working place. It is apparent that a clinical note tends to be required when an employee is out of duty for three or more days, but the agency managers disregarded the contract of the union by requiring their employees to provide clinical documentation for one sick day use ("Sick Of Sick Notes"). Besides, the employees have railed against the agency's management for inconsiderably contesting against employees' vacation time while their vacation schedule calendar is not shared with the employees.

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Internal Stakeholders

Internal stakeholders include individuals and parties that are within the organization or are part of the organization. They include the employees, management, shareholders, and the owner (de Chernatony, Leslie, and Fiona 268). Within the NJ Motor Vehicles' case, the employees have expressed their grievances to the law whereby the administration has violated the Union's contract. The employees are inconsiderably denied time off duty even when an employee is sick. The management is on the verge of losing since if the employees are not satisfied with the treatment they are receiving, then they would not provide quality services which would affect the company's sales (Bowie 11). The management has to uphold the ethics of business by being open to the employees since they do not share their vacation schedule calendar at the same time they deny employees from vacation.

External Stakeholders

External stakeholders are individuals, parties, and groups that tend to be not part of the institution but are equally affected by the activities taking place within the organization. They in include customers, suppliers, creditors, the government, and society as a whole (de Chernatony, Leslie, and Fiona 268). Employees require vacation so that they can have a clear mind when they are on duty; also, an employer cannot explore their full potential when they report to work once they are sick. If employees are denied time off duty, they tend to do the job without caution and interest since the institution does not care about their affair. Henceforth, the sales might reduce due to customers changing suppliers because of unsatisfactory services also the government will reduce in revenue it is receiving from the company.

Obligations Owed To Workers by the Company

Companies are obligated to provide a conducive environment for the employees to perform their duties effectively; also; they require free time off duty to rest. The NJ Motor Vehicles is obligated to be concerned about the welfare of its workers since the management has neglected and violated the employees' contractual rights. The company is also bound to be open to its employees regarding their vacation schedule calendar since it affects every individual within the workforce. The management is also required to consider the well-being of its workers once they are sick by giving them time off duty and medical documentation should be necessary if the employee has stayed off duty for three or more days. Also, the company is obligated to create a relationship that will motivate their employees in working effectively; hence, the company should look into evaluating their relationship with the management.

Moral, Legal, and Financial Considerations

The moral consideration that NJ Motor Vehicles Commission has neglected is the welfare of their employees in terms of provides sick of sick notes. The Union's regulation requires an individual to provide medical documentation if they take sick leave for three or more days, but the company expects its employees to provide documentation even after a day sick leave. The company has also denied workers vacation whereby the management has forgotten that the workers are humans and not machines they require a period to rest.

The legal consideration broken by the company is by violating the Union's contract. The agency management had breached article 22-6.a of the union's contract, which cites that "Employees unreasonably denied time off even if sick, need a doctor's note." The management should consider adhering to the regulation of the company if they need their employees to be doing the same. The financial consideration that the agency management has not recognized is that if they are not concerned with the welfare of the employees, then they should expect low-quality services hence leading to a drop in sales.

Distinct proposal for how to progress

Kant suggests in the second formulation of the categorical imperative that act so that you treat humanity whether, in your own person or in that of another, always as an end and not as means only (Bowie 5). Kant tends to imply that human beings deserve to be respected because they have dignity. The company should ensure that they respect their workers since from the current look of things they do not appreciate their pride within their workplace. If NJ Motor Vehicles recognize their employees, they should not violate their contractual rights, and they should change that by appreciating their work and respecting them by providing vacations and respecting the union's contract.

The management should also seek to re-establish their relationship with their employees since, in most cases, when employees become antagonistic to the administration, the external stakeholders fear to work with the organization. Having a strong relationship between the management and the workers ensures that the employees offer their services with passion and since they are respected within the organization and are open to each other.

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