NCRCC Board: McMahon Group Study Findings Presentation & Rationale

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Date:  2023-10-27

If You Were McMahon Group, How Would You Present the Findings of Your Study to the NCRCC Board? Explain the Rationale for Your Chosen Method

One of the most critical components of the survey study process is the drafting of reports. Survey results must be portrayed clearly, and that is technically appropriate. Persuasive writing is vital to ensure that the results do not lose their value and usefulness (Camilleri, 2018). The NCRCC hired the McMahon group to carry out extensive research to consider how to attract new members and to increase the utility of the club's current members. The McMahon proceeded to issue questionnaires through mail surveys and personal interviews by a club specialist who tours the institution. Data collected from members and potential members of the club was then analyzed and processed to develop specific strategies that the board could implement. However, the McMahon group needs to devise the best method to present the information to the board to maximize its usefulness in decision-making.

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A successful presentation should follow the brief and address the objectives of providing specific findings with definite conclusions (and suggestions if necessary), be precise and error-free, use charts, graphs, and text, and be presented professionally in such a way as to communicate results without distracting or frustrating the audience (Gray, 2010). Therefore, if I were the McMahon group, I would start my presentation with a concise written report. A written report contains the survey results in an easy to understand way, which eases the labor of explanation and allows every board member to participate in decision-making. Through a written report, it is easy to extensively explain the results of a survey and any discrepancies, which would be hard to understand without some notes. By providing written insights on the interpreted data, the situation is clarified further.

Furthermore, a written report can include visual aids such as graphs and pie charts. Reports containing only numbers and long informational paragraphs can get boring; therefore, the introduction of visual aids like bar graphs breaks the monotony and enhances understanding. One can take a step further by including informational videos and pictures. In this case, the report can consist of the graphed results of the questionnaire results and have photos or videos of other clubs, which are successful in member retention and attracting new members.

The best way to present a written presentation is to couple it with an oral report. Oral presentations allow the board to ask questions where the information looks confusing and clarify issues that may arise (Camilleri, 2018). The McMahon group should create the report's design as a PowerPoint presentation and allow one of its officials to present it to the board. Armed with a concise and extensive written report, the official should be able to layout the research findings, explain the data outcomes, and provide educated insights into the measures that the club's board needs to adapt. Furthermore, an oral presentation creates a personal touch, which can be customized according to the audience. Using the written presentation as a structured plan, the presenter can steer the presentation in the most effective way (Gray, 2010). The most effective way would be to focus attention on the most pressing issues and emphasize the recommendations that would bring the best results and solve the problems facing the club.

What would you recommend to the Board of NCRCC concerning Adding Facilities like Tennis Courts, a Swimming Pool, a Spa, a Fitness Center, and a Year-round Driving Range?

The survey presented several potential additions to the club, which would increase the satisfaction of their current members or help attract new members. These recommended facility additions included tennis courts, a swimming pool, fitness center, spa, and a year-round driving range. These additions to the club need to be undertaken after the attainment of viable implementation strategies. However, implementation strategies are of unparalleled significance when an institution wishes to adopt specific changes that stem from a research survey (Proctor et al., 2013). Implementation strategies can be described as methods or techniques to improve the additional services and facilities being introduced, implemented, and maintained (Wahdiniwaty et al., 2018). The recommendations the club should undertake must be fully supported and have an assurance of attaining the goals that the research aimed to solve the club's problems.

The research method used by the McMahon group divided the subject on a survey between two age groups. Those under 46 and those over, this is done to give a more direct informational survey that would solve the club's problem of attracting younger members. The addition of a swimming pool received an overall approval of 30% and a 60% approval among those under the age of 46. This approval rating supports the addition of a swimming pool to the club. The swimming pool would further improve the utility of current members and attract new young members to the club. The presence of a swimming pool allows the club to cater for families with young children; families such as these often belong to the under 46-age group. The addition of a spa also garnered a significant amount of support, with 58% from those under 46 and overall approval of 30%. A viable investment should meet the parties involved, the club and its members in this case (Proctor et al., 2013). Therefore, these parameters make the spa a project worth adding to the club. It satisfies the club's need to benefit members and attract potential members.


However, the tennis courts and health fitness center received lesser support compared to other projects with 36% and 49% for under 46 and 22% and 30% for overall, respectively. The addition of new amenities requires the addition of resources and funding and should be carefully analyzed and proven to bring returns on their investments (Wahdiniwaty et al., 2018). Considering the relatively low support for tennis courts and fitness center facilities, it would be advisable for the NCRCC to forego these projects since they would not significantly add to member satisfaction or attract new members. However, if the single aspect of attracting new members is considered, the 49% approval of the fitness center by those under 46 can be considered if funds and other resources allow. In conclusion, the projects I would recommend to the club to add a swimming pool and spa are guaranteed to solve the club's problems by satisfying members and attracting new ones.


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