Essay Sample on Mission Statement: Key to Success in Tourism, Hospitality, and Travel

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Date:  2023-03-29


A mission statement is vital in tourism, hospitality, and travel, industry. One of the most proficient business and motivational speakers in South Africa, Vusi, once said that the rich invest in only two things: that is travel and education. They do so in travel to expose their children to the diverse world and also in education to only remove stupidity. Such a deduction means a lot to the hospitality and travel industry. To create a peculiar, one of a kind, experience, one should be able to ensure that the business indulged in meets the qualities of the kind of investments put. The mission statement sells the company to potential clients. An example of a company offering hospitality and travel services is the hotel grand Sarajevo. The mission statement of the company is as follows: 'The mission of the Hotel Grand is to put hospitality services on the highest level in order to satisfy the demands and expectations of guests. We aim to make the Hotel Grand a place for encounters, business success, pleasant meetings, and gala ceremonies.

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Although Four Seasons hotels and the resort does not highlight its mission statement in one line of a sentence or even two, the design of its peculiarity creates an atmosphere where the principles, beliefs, and goals play a role in establishing the eventual mission statement. The authentic nature of the design distinguishes the mission statement of Four Seasons from Hotel Grand Sarajevo. Professionalism also plays a crucial role as when one enters the website displaying the mission statement of Four Seasons; one ceaselessly scrolls down reading the meticulous details. The two mission statements differ from each other in their length. The length of the mission statement of Four Seasons is long, as it is highlighted in small portions of different goals and principles. On the other hand, the mission statement of Hotel Grand Sarajevo is short and distinct. Both the mission statements air the same message in the sense that it targets to provide a one of a kind experience.

Companies in the tours, travel, and hospitality industry needs to design an outstanding mission statement. These mission statements should be satisfactory and clear as it heads to convince potential clients to choose its services. The critical elements of a good mission statement are value, specificity, plausibility, and inspiration (Bartkus, Glassman, McAfee , 2006). The combination and inclusion of all these would create an excellent mission statement. The mission statement of four seasons tries to satisfy the conditions highlighted by these elements in the following ways. The Four Seasons Hotels and resorts highlight these elements all around the description of their goals, beliefs, and principles.

A mission statement also needs to be short and clear, long-term, open and diverse, a reflection of the employees, and dynamic and flexible to change (Bartkus, Glassman, McAfee, 2006). Although the mission statement of the Four Seasons seems to be lengthy and engraved into other objectives, it has a catchy nature. The mission statement needs to serve a long-term purpose so that the people in the institution get natured in the values. Also, the diverse nature of the statement hinders the limiting factor as the best products need to be kept open. They, the employees, should empress their thoughts towards the vision of the company. As a result, a decision of teamwork comes to relevance. The changing market provides opportunities for dynamic businesses. The Four Seasons hotels and resort follow all these guidelines, thus having an approved mission statement.


In conclusion, a mission statement should meet the qualifications highlighted by the guidelines. Also, it is not a must for a mission statement to have two sentences, but the assimilating design is essential in creating creativity and uniqueness.


Bartkus, B., Glassman, M., & McAfee, B. (2006). Mission statement quality andfinancial performance. European Management Journal, 24(1), 86-94. Retrieved from:

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