Report Example on International Business: Intangible Assets & Cost

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Date:  2023-10-15


Accounting analysis cases in the business sector within the international section of dynamic consideration in the marketing world and growth need serious scrutiny to increase sales. The various business established in levels of international consideration to have effectiveness need. The production of cost developments utilizing the modern development of vehicles on new platforms. The motor vehicle busines considering the intangible assets, product recognitions in transmission with engine improvements are necessary to ensure market sectors and the dynamic growth of a business.

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Investments Consideration

The investor in any sector of business speculates on accounting analysis to improve seriously on consideration of profit-making. However, hedging the competition from the threat of entrance to the market need to be the sensitive action of the establishment (Doupnik et al., 2019). The capitalization section of investing in the business rely on speculative profitability of the company or the establishment (Hoyle et al., 2019). It is necessary for international business to accountably have the futuristic analysis and comparison to help in ascertaining the investment profitability.

Percentage Expenditure and Capitalization Ratio on German Automakers

The expense in the busines needs to be elaborated in the statistical percentage to give a clear comparison of the expenses hence giving the accuracy of the expenditure. The elaborative entities of the expenditure need to be elaborated (Hoyle et al., 2019). The effects of the capitalization in the financial statement with cost dynamic growth in the German auto industry has the following capitalization percentage. 40.5%, 30.6%, and 42.1% respectively in the BMW, Daimier, and Volkswagen, respectively. The R & D expenditure in the German machine of BMW was in the lower ration, but speculative give more sales and has a high demand.

The German machines have high demand with the consideration of the market, emphasize with strategically having the increase in the market emphasize to have the business increase on the capitalization on the development’s costs (Doupnik et al., 2019). The German investors have lower expenditure averagely but need to have an increase in the money and have an increase in sales. Expenses are directly proportional to profitability in the life market product.

Useful Life Product

The life span of the product needs to effectively belong, living in consideration of withstanding and customers preference (Hoyle et al., 2019). The projection of the average of the expenses on the amortizations and capitalization expenditure is helpful in the speculative information of a business to make the decision reliable to the investors' speculation, and understanding the information in the business emphasizes the profitability (Doupnik et al., 2019). The averages are 1.7,1.8 and 0.15, respectively, in the BMW, Daimier, and Volkswagen (Doupnik et al., 2019). The astatic information on the average shows the rise in the need for the German moor industry to have the expenditure increase hence effectively make more sales.


The interactions financial reports of the sales of cars in different countries make the universal market be analytically elaborated in figurative information about business sales and an increase in the dynamic goal of the business (Hoyle et al., 2019). The United States of America's consideration of the information of the metric information about the sales and the demand of the German machines. Despite the united states having the universal demand for German machines. Investors in the USA have been struggling to manufacture cars, and ford has been their most selling model giving Germany competitive consideration.


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Hoyle, J. B., Schaefer, T., & Doupnik, T. (2019). ISE fundamentals of advanced accounting.

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