My Role as a Practitioner-Academic in Criminal Justice System

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Date:  2022-07-21


The education in criminal justice entails the practice as a police, in other words, it incorporates police science which consists of diverse specializations. In the police systems, there are various branches that deal with the criminal systems such as a position as a general police officer, crime scene investigator or private investigator. While studying to become an investigator, the computer technology and the college coursework in business law may become essential in trying to become a corporate investigator or the specialist in computer forensics. In some learning institutions, the learner's specializations can lead to the achievement of other opportunities in law intelligence and forensics. While most of the police responsibilities may not involve the field work, the police investigators or those in patrols analyzing the crime scene usually operate outside an office setting.

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According to Riley and Brewer (2009), continuous improvement in techniques in the police departments increases courage and passion among the police officers. The above scenario relates to my passion as I am always willing to work as a criminal justice defender as a police officer. The above article indicates different crimes that are undertaken by the different police department and their main role to safeguard the public safety by maintaining law and order. The article further encourages the participation in different crime detection and punishment of the offenders. As a was growing up, I have always been yearning to become one of the laws enforcing officers, the article by Riley and Brewer, therefore, stipulates various organizations and participation of police officers which are in line with my dreams and aspirations. My passion as an individual has always been to get into the police department and improve the quality of service to the public and to the state. Riley and Brewer elaborate on different quality improvement that needs to be undertaken to ensure smooth operation of police officers, this, therefore, is in line with my dreams and expectations as I take steps towards becoming a law enforcing agent or a criminal investigator in the justice system.

As a Practitioner-Academic in the criminal justice system, I have a role in making ethical decisions in every turn. In most cases, it is particular that the practitioner grasps his or her purpose in protecting the society by upholding the justice system as well as maintaining social responsibility. In many occasions, there are misconceptions concerning the criminal justice systems as well as the representative of the field. As a practitioner, one will be able to dispel the above myths. I understand that the competency in policing requires elaborate experiences in various roles. Although I do not have any experience, in the policing, my passion and drive towards achieving the quality improvement in the police service will drive me towards achieving the desired goals. Although I do not have any experience in the police service, I understand that the policing process consists of numerous challenges were facing the offenders may become a problem (Masters et al., 2013). The process of investigation may also be discouraged by the lack of information and incompetency in various police departments. In the police service, adapting to the domestic and global challenges is essential. Through appreciating the challenging tasks and working in collaboration with the experienced officers, I will be able to adapt to the domestic and global challenges.


From the Bible, justice is essential at all levels of the government. In the book of Proverbs 21:3, "to do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice" Therefore, maintaining Justice through policing is an essential process that every government or state should consider and the police officer needs to develop passion I order to safeguard the public by maintaining law and order.


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