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Date:  2023-04-10


Cultural space is defined as a community with its own culture. It can be corporeal like home referring to the place where an individual was brought up, or metaphorical like the internet. It can also be demarcated by its location, such as region, city, neighborhood, as well as a country, along with the relation between an individual and the home.

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Question 1

In my case, I live in South Los Angeles, and the relationship that exists between me and this country is that this is where I was born and raised. Both of my parents are from this country, and I have pursued all my studies there. I am used to all its cultures, and on top of that, most of my friends whom I interact with are from various regions in this country. I enjoy being a citizen, and I long to stay in South Los for the rest of my life.

Question 2

Various characteristics shape the South Los Angeles country. Looking at cultural symbols, the country is shaped by the first synagogue that was built in the city in 1873, the initial trolly line of 1873, establishment of the first Chinatown, and many more (Macias and Leo 35). All these have played a role in the development of the country as a whole since the beginning. Apart from cultural symbols, some images such as Watts Towers, Festive federalism, the Must-See Architecture, Tarik Zoubdi architect have also played a significant role in shaping the country. Modern architecture was grounded upon the novel as well as innovative construction technologies, especially glass, reinforced concrete, and steel utilization. The explained architecture style emerged in the early 20th century though the WWII stopped them after the end of the war, it was replaced gradually as the institutional along with corporate buildings of the principle style by postmodern architecture.

Question 3

Many changes have taken place in South Los Angeles since the time it came into existent. In the beginning, it had a population of only 11 descendants who were from the Spanish family, but later after WWII, the population increased gradually. In Southern California, a settlement was established by the eleven descendants, and it changed the country a little when California turned to be part of the U.S. after the Second World War, the population increased because there was a need of people to work in the aerospace industry and some other areas. Furthermore, since 1900 there are several changes which took place. The name of the country changed to South Central Los Angeles after the riot. Besides, gentrification became underway, and this leads to the booming of Real estate in Jefferson Park and West Adams. Also, crime as a result of drug abuse increased in the country, and Latinos were introduced in 1992.

Question 4

These are various ways in which the country has shaped the interactions people have. A habitus' sociological theory has been developed, which has been used in making sense of various social learning types that takes place in various social worlds (Macias and Leo 35). Social activities have enhanced interaction between various people regardless of the age or the region. Also, the movement of people, ideas, as well as goods, have made interaction between people easier. Local economies, along with the use of the associated land, have turned to be more specialized hence leading to the growth of mobility to sustain human activities. Due to an increase in physical mobility, people have been introduced to interact with each other via the telephone, internet, email, text messaging, videoconferencing, and cell phones.

Question 5

Norms have made several things happen in various countries. The political control, as well as external accountability eclipse over the LAPD protected the country and introduced its cultural norms, which were independent commission norms (Macias and Leo 35). These norms used to govern the whole country in terms of politics hence ensuring that every citizen is protected. They also depended on restaurant norms. Unlike other norms, the restaurant norm served the citizens with value as well as a suitable service. It has served various people a casual dining experience as well as skills hence changing the living standards of different people in the society.

Question 6

Not every person can access the country. Only those who meet the country's requirements are allowed to access it (Macias and Leo 35). Regardless of age, many people can be limited from accessing the space due to their present conduct or even their history. In most cases, they allow participants who are crime-free and those who are covered by insurance in terms of health matters. Many people use the space for business, homestead, as well as other various activities. Various people who are denied to enter the place ate those who have committed crimes in their home country, and they want to hide there, those who are not covered by any insurance, African Americans, and many other who does not meet their requirements.

Question 7

Based on my observation, South Los Angeles is a segregated city. Every metropolitan in the country is racially segregated. After the Second World War II, several African American families shifted to Los Angeles, looking for job opportunities in military production. For the first time, companies hired black workers, but they are forced to look for houses without their help. There were several vacancies in white neighborhoods, but the blacks were denied access to them.


In conclusion, South Los Angeles has been a suitable place for many people and has its unique characters. Being a segregated nation, many people have been discriminated especially black people who are expected to depend on their knowledge. This has limited several people to access the country.

Work Cited

Macias, Eduardo P., and Leo S. Morales. "Utilization of health care services among adults attending a health fair in South Los Angeles County." Journal of Community Health 25.1 (2000): 35-46.

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