Essay Example on a Decade Later: My Worst Encounter With My Grandfather

Paper Type:  Essay
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Date:  2023-01-11

As I sit down to write, it is approximately a decade since my worst encounter with my grandfather. Despite the time that has passed, the memories of the fateful encounter are still fresh in my memories and remain vivid in almost everything I do. I was about 11 when I went to China to pay a visit to my grandfather after a long while. Without a shadow of a doubt, my grandfather was an influential man in the entire family. He had been my mentor, my bulwark, and my father figure that I was always proud of. Therefore, when I heard that I would be meeting him, I was very excited. I believed that there would be no safer place than between his arms. I knew him as a warm, loving, firm, and very straightforward man. I noted that his deep faith had carried him through his life, and a great drive made us forget the roots of poverty. My grandfather was a real traditional man who religiously believed in the Fengshui as well as Physiognomy. He was well equipped with the Chinese knowledge of reading faces and understanding an individual's personality.

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By this time, I had a black mole on my face. However, it was natural and did not have any pain, so I did not care about it. Visiting my grandfather changed everything as his skills of reading and interpreting things was so profound. I met him as usual calmly relaxing on a traditional couch and was jovial to meet me. I was also overwhelmed to meet such a nice person. That day seemed to be different. As he looked to my face, his face turned dark as someone who had just been from a nightmare. He said that my mole looked like a tear on my face and, therefore, had to be removed. It is important to note that he seldom got sick. Therefore, it was hard to argue or question his intent. Besides, I was very young at the time to even make a mature decision. Without even consulting with my parents, he asked me to follow him to a local barbershop. I followed him with a lot of questions in my head but without a doubt of the intentions. The barbershop was old and dark. I could barely see anything from outside. The barber was an old man with a frightening figure. From the items placed in the room, I realized that he was well-acquitted with Chinese traditional medicine and practices.

Although I was concerned, I was not afraid. I started remembering some of the best memories I had with my grandfather, the best Chinese foods I had tasted, and the best feelings of being close to someone who could get me things that my parents would take a fortune of arguing to provide. He was a man of integrity, honesty, and hard work that I came to like a lot. In the frenzies of my memories, my thoughts came to a standstill due to a strong chocking smell that filled the room. I did not know what it was but I noted it was a liquid in a small bottle. The old man took a small stick like a toothpick that he used to get some liquid from the container. My grandfather held me and the old man gave stamped my face with it like someone drawing a facial tattoo. The burning sensation was too much that I screamed very loudly. I was shivering and trembling like a tiny leaf during a storm. My grandfather was laughing while the old man looked relaxed. The encounter was so frightening and painful that I fled home immediately I was released. It is afterward I came to realize that it was acid that was poured on my face that gave me a skin burn. To date, it has remained my most strange encounter that leaves vivid memories each day of life.

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