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Date:  2021-06-16 22:02:08
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My Health project plays the role of creating a secure, reliable and, trustworthy sources of medical information using the electronic health record. The proposed project aims to provide efficient health care services to patients by enabling them to access and manage their medical records in conjunction with their health providers. The project intends to make the electronic health record interactions automatic thus forming a natural part of workflows. The project will be a success through the help of the following stakeholders. Internal operations stakeholders involve the patients to the billing staff at the healthcare center reception. Physicians, nurses, registration staff, billing staff and the patients are examples of the internal operations stakeholders. They are called that because they deal directly with the finalized program (my health project), internal executives are also critical to the development of m health project. Their primary function is to make a significant decision regarding the system and also provide advice to the healthcare institutions on different matters regarding technological applications. They include the electronic health records team leader and the electronic medical records implementation manager. External operations are also paramount for the development of my health project. Foreign service refers to activities that include the creation of the program by external developers before an organization uses it. The problems that my health plan is likely to face include: how to handle the change management issues which are likely to hinder fast and efficient outcomes, Redundancy due to a security breach, incomplete data deletion. The clients cease control of the system to the cloud providers, and this may lead to loss of data security. Data controllers have maximum control over the cloud-based systems. The latter may lead to the patient not knowing if their information handled in the correct or rather the lawful way. Ignorance by the patients is another constraint that may result in failure of my project. If the patients are not flexible to change or are illiterate, it will be difficult for the project implemented.

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For the success of the health project, it is important to assess the functionality of the project by evaluating the capabilities of the system. What can the project do and what can it not do? It is also important to compare the rigidity of the scheme. Can it accommodate future technological advancements? The extent to which the system satisfies the customer needs should depend on the accuracy, suitability, compliance and user-friendliness. The usability of my project measured by checking the extent to which the new software is easy to use. The latter measured by the understanding, learnability, and operability. Reliability refers to the amount of time that the proposed software is available for use as indicated. The reliability measured by observing the frequency and severity of failure and the accuracy of the results that are output. The performance of the project is also required as it helps know the processing time, resource consumption throughput and the efficiency of the project. The ease at which the software adapted from one health center to another is also important. The latter possible through knowing the specifications of a particular system and its compatibility with other hardware devices. The supportability f the proposed software combines the ability to extend the program, adaptability, and serviceability. The above FURPS factors are necessary to establish quality metrics for all the steps required in the development of my health project.

The cloud-based system will benefit the My Health project because it is user-friendly. The programs accessed from anywhere by patients who would wish to review or update their records. The traditional method of obtaining date involved installing the programs on each computer which is tedious, and patients have to queue in line while waiting to be attended. The latter is time-consuming and very tedious. The cloud-based system allows real-time data processing. Patients, nurses and even medical practitioners can access medical reports due to the availability of the on-demand self-service. The data required for various patients is on a broad network access and can be retrieved anytime the information is necessary, unlike the internal systems where information is only available through the private connections. Resources required are pooled together such that information related to one person, for example, their medical history is all stored together and can be easily retrieved when it is required. Although the latter faces a high risk regarding security the distinct advantages of cheaper, physical location and physical access control and easier more consistent application of many security related processes make cloud-based systems worth risking.

The cloud-based system will be cost effective for the My Health project as information is stored in a "cloud" This means that once a program that can be relied on is developed, there is no need to put it on several other computers. Some softwares that are not cloud based need to be connected from one computer to another. Non-cloud based can prove to be very expensive especially in cases where the program or software installed is not portable. My Health project will benefit from the cloud-based system of storing information as it is sustainable. In a case of accidents such as fire to the Health Centers, the information that is paramount to the well-being of its patients is safe. Information put on other computers that are networked together, and hence the software will always reside somewhere else. The latter will avoid a lot of inconveniences in the case of accidents such as fire outbreak. The cloud-based system will benefit My Health Program as it is flexible. Unlike traditional ledgers that fill out and can only accommodate a particular entry of patients and data and are bulky and can get lost in the case where they are incorrect, the cloud-based system ensures flexibility and alterations made without much inconveniences to the parties involved. Cloud-based information management system also offers rapid, smart scaling of resources. The resources are then quickly reallocated for filtering, traffic shipping, authentication, and encryption. (ENISA, 2012)

My Health project will face the challenge of loss of governance. The cloud system is designed and developed by information technology technicians. The clients cease control of the regime to the cloud providers, and this may lead to loss of data security. Data controllers have maximum control over the cloud-based systems. The latter may lead to the patient not knowing if their information handled in the correct or rather the lawful way. My health project might also face the problem of incomplete data deletion. Adequate and timely data deletion will be undesirable to the patients perspective. The latter is because in the cloud-based systems records are stored in multiple copies on different servers and are not available. My Health project faces the security risk from malicious insiders. The cloud architectures perform roles that are extremely high risk. In case these Architectures have malicious intentions data can be altered and manipulated and can cause the medical personnel, stakeholders and patients massive losses. My health Project relies on internet connectivity. Lack of internet connectivity may disadvantage patients who live in areas where there is limited internet access.

Redundancy due to security breach can lead to failure of a project. In case there is a problem with one data center holding information it will affect all the other data centers and will eventually lead to the failure of a project. The performance of the project might vary. When performance varies, the system might display an error message stating that the resources available are inadequate while in the real sense it is the hardware scalability which is insufficient. Although cloud-based system approach will be cost-effective for My Health Project, it is costly when it is under attack and eventually crashes. The website usually comes under distributed denial of service attack. The registration staff does not trust Cloud-based systems. The latter believe that if thy handle data by themselves they only have themselves to blame. Using the cloud system makes them have to extend their trust to someone else. Cloud base systems offer a lot of customer services and many configurable options, but they are still limited in what you can do.

The adaptive analysis model includes six linear stages. These scenes linked to one another. The steps include requirement gathering and analysis. For My health project, this process involves collecting information such as health departments and patients' names attending the hospital. The study suggests people reaction to the system. Do they think that the new health information management system will benefit them or not? After the requirement gathering and analysis, the next step is designing the system. Programmers and system designers start computing and inputting data for the new regime. In case there is coding to do at this stage. The designed software to the health care center for implementation. The implemented program tested. People are deployed to help in the management of the new project. Maintenance involves ensuring the new project sustained well, and its protocols of use are followed to prevent system failure. The advantage of the adaptive analysis is that it is very easy to understand and is functional. This type of model is also simple to handle because it is inflexible. It saves time because it does not require data collected over a range of time like the predictive analysis.

The adaptive analysis also allows for testing and analysis. The disadvantage of these methods is that it only matches precise needs. It does not accommodate complex statistics. For example, in the case of my health project, it might not help paying for services offered by the patients. The method is not applicable for maintenance projects. The latter refers to projects that one would love to track their progress often. The method is also prone to errors and eventually causes failure because it does not allow editing in the testing phase. The system developers might not predict possible outcomes of the project hence risk assessment is not entirely possible in this type of analysis approach. I would not advise my health plan to use this kind of analysis approach if they are planning on making the new cloud-based system a long o going project.

The predictive analysis is suitable for developing My Health Project. This analysis is friendly and takes into account possible changes in the project. The predictive analysis will examine the existing trends, such as the rates at which patients get sick, diseases they are more vulnerable to and understand the customer products that are needed. The analysis also helps identify future potential opportunities and cost. This analysis accommodates for future to improve customer experiences. This analysis is not one hundred percent error-free, however. The primary challenge to this type of analysis is that it takes a lot of time before it is applied. The latter is because prediction for data-driven organizations such as My Health project requires access to relevant data for a particular range of time. Should it be noted that no matter how likely and, accurate this type of analysis is, it 's hard to predict human behavior? The computers and algorithms fail to consider variables ranging from changing the weather to changing moods of relationships.


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