Tolerance Through Forgiveness: Attitudes and Growing Together - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-23


Attitudes are known as feelings or settled ways of thinking which are communicated to other people in a certain way. The attitudes might be supportive and positive, which are bound to be communicated since they foster rapport. Hiding disdainful attitudes is quite difficult, and they are bound to be communicated. Forgiving one's mistake and troubles are regarded as part of growing, which makes it easier to understand other people and support them through their own struggles. Tolerance results in good attitudes of oneself and this basically make people see others in light also. The basic helping attitudes include empathy, warmth and genuineness. Empathy is highly related to compassion towards what others are experiencing of facing. On judgmental aspects, people should not judge others based on their own standards perspectives since it does not become helpful. When one is distrustful and wary about the clients, it shows that they are untrustworthy and sneaky.

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Judging others create barriers to real understanding. A reality check shows that people have to deal with clients who are overwhelmed, dissatisfied, confused and faced with difficulty. There are not enough excuses in providing poor services to the clients just because of the difficulties they are facing. Negative feedbacks towards the clients tend to discourage them. Boundaries exist between the workers and clients, which require to be understood clearly. The boundaries are crucial in facilitating relationships and preventing ethical violations. Workers are responsible for maintaining such boundaries. Workers should accept any transference clients have since it is a collection of attitudes and feelings. As long as transference exists in clients, it should be accepted by the workers.

Cultural Competence

Culture influences our attitudes and perceptions, as well. It is ethical to become acquainted with different cultures due to extensive contact. In this context, a person is regarded to be more effective and can open to learning client experiences in the whole world as they are aware of their background influences. The differences among people lie in subcultures, cultures, race and ethnic groups. Diversity has an impact on expectations and experiences since they are a range of characteristics among groups of people. Socialization is a key aspect of learning from other groups of people of different cultures. When people use their own cultures to judge others, WE-Versus-Them attitude gets to develop. Uncertainty and anxiety is an obvious feeling that tends to develop among people when they attempt to interact with people whom they differ in cultures. Such feelings are required to be fully managed to avoid any form of overreacting and not to impede communication with them.

Communication can be made more thoughtful through checking perceptions, recognizing tendency on categorizing, evaluation of our own scripts, allowing for any differences, checking on our attributes and looking for exceptions among others. People should be aware of other people's feelings, based on the influence they have. These feelings include what people are thinking about, doing or asking. There is a need for individuals to remain curious in order to be able to learn more, and this determines how effective it is in relation to the person being supported. There is no need for sharing values or characteristics of people being supported, but it is essential to consider these people's perspective.

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