MSc Degree in Electronic Communications and Computer Engineering

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Date:  2022-03-07

Why have you chosen to Study this Academic Program?

I chose to study the MSc degree in Electronic communications and computer engineering because I have worked in the Telecom industry for more than three years. While in the industry, I learned that it is essential for one to develop new and innovative skills because the technological environment of today is evolving on a daily basis. I chose the course so that I can expand my capabilities and think more rather than working in a telecommunication company. The degree offers other career options and the freedom to think, design, and launch new projects that can help the society solve various problems.

Why Should the Panel Select you for This Scholarship?

I have always admired to study in the United Kingdom because it is considered as one of the best regions that offer quality education in the world. My impressive network with professional colleagues and my background will bring diversity to the institution because I will be a representative who has cut across the barriers of time, religion, ethnicity and political affiliation to make an impact. I am also ambitious and willing to bring in my skills and knowledge to create projects that will benefit the university and myself after graduation.

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Current Work Status

I currently work as a service delivery coordinator at Airtel Nigeria. In this position, I have been tasked to provide on the job training for new showroom agents, ensure all applications are running smoothly, and among other duties such as participating and recommending approaches to improve showroom ambiance.

Have you won any Academic Prizes? If yes, Please give Details.

In my whole years in primary school, I was awarded the best the prize of the best academic student. I have also won a cash prize in a mathematics competition organized by the Alumni Association (Old Boys Association) Chairman. In my current job, I was also awarded employee of the month several times for receiving positive reviews from different clients.

Do you have any Work Experience that might be Relevant?

I have worked with Airtel Internet Limited for seven years and EarthLink Computer Limited for over three years.

On Completion of your Postgraduate Course, What do You Plan to do?

I would like to work in my home country in a telecom company. After years of experience, I would start up a consultancy company that would offer solutions to communication problems for both small and large businesses.

Why have you Chosen to Study at Nottingham?

Nottingham University has an impressive international reputation. It is also one of the best ten institutions in the UK that offer engineering and technology courses. The institution provides educational support for its students by having dedicated professors who are ready to assist with individual problems.

What will be the Developmental Impact of your Studies on your Home Country/area of Work?

Since after my studies I plan to work in a reputable telecom company. I will bring my skills learned from the UK and assist the company in solving various problems. The degree from Nottingham University will enable me o obtain a higher organizational position since the institution is known for its quality and education. I will be assigned particular roles that require deep work and concentration to ensure the company's operations are running smoothly. After working for several years, I plan to start my consultancy company that will offer business solutions to both small and large companies. Setting up a new company will have a positive impact on the society through job creation. The skills and knowledge obtained from Nottingham University will enable me to search for the best candidates to work for my company. Therefore, I will have a team of professionals who will help scale up my business. The skills obtained from the degree will help me to oversee the vision of my company and allow the formulation of new business solutions that will boost operations of various companies and help our economy.

As a graduate from Nottingham University, I will encourage my peers back at home to strive for an international education in a reputable university that will help them to serve their native countries towards economic stability through job creation. I will also mentor young kids from my village to take their education seriously and set out goals that will serve as stepping stones in their educational journey to success.

Upon Completion of your Course, what do you Plan to do?

I plan to come back to my home country, look for a job in a reputable telecom company and work for it for several years just to gain industrial experience.

How do you intend to Fund the Remaining Costs of your Studies (Tuition Fee and Living Costs)?

I will sponsor myself with some savings that I have. My mum will assist me with money from her pension allowance. I will also seek out well-wishers from my village who support students to study abroad in reputable institutions.

Financial Justification

I hope to obtain a loan from my savings account and sell some unnecessary personal equipment's. I have also managed to seek the help from a well-wisher who is willing to support me through my studies. My mother has set aside some money from her pension allowance to boost my fees.

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