Motivation Letter for Junior Professional Officer Program

Paper Type:  Cover letter
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  460 Words
Date:  2022-11-30

My experience in pediatric clinical experience and global maternal and child health experience, as well as the passion to work for World Health Organization for maternal and child health, have brought me to apply Junior Professional Officer Program (JPO).

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I am passionate about child health issues. I have more than six years of practical experience as a physician and pediatrician. While I have worked in the National Center of Global Health and Medicine in Japan for four years, as a Global Clinical Fellows, I have worked in Lao People's Democratic Republic (Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Project "Quality of Health Care"), Cambodia (National Maternal and Child Health Center), Jordan (The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) for maternal and child health-related project for surveys, evaluations, and suggestions. I researched and evaluated projects in international settings for both international and domestic partners.

Besides, I worked for five months at the World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO) at the Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (MCA) unit in 2016. I built up primary services guidelines aimed at ensuring basic integrated healthcare in children at the primary health sector level with various disease specialists, UNICEF, and the Ministry of Health. In the guideline, we added a clear and simple action plan that medical workers at health centers should provide to parents to prevent their children's malnutrition and abuse during the health checks for their children. Finally, I conducted a pilot survey in Mongolia to ensure the effectiveness of this guideline. All these have broadened my skills in information management, communication, and leadership. My educational background makes me even apt for JPO at WHO.

I am a candidate of a Master of Public Health concentrated on Humanitarian Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I am also a candidate for the certificate of Evaluation: International Health Programs, and I understand monitoring and evaluating of programs in addition to epidemiology and biostatistics. I believe I possess the necessary experience and qualification for JPO.

My long-term goal is to integrate all vulnerable children including immigrants, refugees, and IDPs into the essential medical care in Asia after humanitarian phases. In order to achieve the goals, I need to work together toward the recovery from the humanitarian emergency and the stability of the universal health coverage. Asian countries have been suffered from evacuation domestically due to natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods, but also contained risks of humanitarian emergencies by conflicts and evacuated internationally. I hope that your position will prepare me to step out into acquiring practical skills for perusing my goal.

Please find attached my CV, and application form.

Thank you for the time you have taken to review my application.



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