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Various motivations enhance academic and business practice functioning. The skills that strengthen knowledge acquisition include anxiety to achieve, aggressiveness, plan methodology, progress tracking, as well as outcome analysis. The qualifications enable one to directly or indirectly possess indisputable success in both academics as well as business practices. The anxiety to discover new techniques and ideology is the motivation that steers the development of other vital skills.

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Generally, there is a need to develop a strategic aim or goal in all undertakings. The draft of the target and objective of a particular study or business activity provides an individual with focused attention towards achieving them (Gonnering, 2010). Similarly, it helps in being realistic about what can be made and what can never be achieved. The decisive measure is developed to induce the realistic goals that gauge one activity or undertaking.

Secondly, the implementation skill is also another strategy that is used in both academics and business practices. For example, a student may understand his or her weakness in the study methodologies and techniques. With that proper comprehension of self, necessary procedures better than one used before may be employed. The use of a new method may include a discussion with the rest of the class as well as extending the research period of the study for them to achieve set goals. In the same way, one may employ different approaches to the implementation of the business goal. The enforcement generally involves the commitment and application of set strategies towards achieving the activity goals and objectives.

Result examination and evaluation skill is a strategy that affects both academics and business practice. Results are always determined by the plan action as well as methodologies. Also, some other factors may come in tampering the designed implementation leading to an undesired effect. Through a thorough examination of the results, one can quickly realize whether one has attained the set goals. Therefore, result in orientation call for the complete process examination and evaluation looking at the areas to improve as well as those to exterminate in the process. However, in academic life and process, it is a bit different in some aspects compared to business practices. For that reason, below are the relative discussion in the skills required in business practice functions.

For any business venture, there is a need to understand some key concepts that are necessary to run a business. For that reason, proper skill induction is required to instill a tremendous practical bit of the company. Therefore, to begin with, it would be essential to draft various skills needed in a business for it to operate effectively and successfully. Generally, coming with the business ideas through research and ways to bridge the existing gaps.

Academically, by researching on the external and internal factors that often affect business would be the first and foremost thing to look at. For instance, the internal factor that affects the business includes financial resources, business social culture, business structure, environment, owners, and working staff. In light review, it would be great to correlate the impacts of the internal factor. For instance, the financial resources should be critically analyzed to establish firm direction on how a business capital assets, as well as cost operation, can be managed or achieved. It is also implying plowing back of profits and even borrowing external sources.

Similarly, business culture factors should be understood for business to maintain high production levels. For instance, through the study of other existing companies, it would be easy to establish a relationship that exists between staff and owners. Also, the operations system that may be dependent on other subdivision of labor or rather a specialization may require highly coordinative skills. Environmental element is also a factor that through its close examination, one can understand how conducive and enabling it is to a business. Therefore a close link may be established to articulate the application bit of the business practice.

Also, there is a need to establish cross-cultural relations and study for business success. Understand the need to act neutrally on the cultural biases as well as ethnicity. For example, allow the study of the other culture to avoid colliding with their beliefs, values, norms, or even traditions. Thus, it is through the research and learning that we can be able to adequately consider other cultures within our line of work in a business.

External factors comprehension is also crucial in the implementation of business activities. To some extent, political stability depicts the success of the business. It is through favorable political grounds that a company can do great. Also, the competition analysis that keeps the learner focused on identifying the superior ways to win more market share practically portrays the success of the business. For instance, the knowledge about other business shortcomings creates a gab that one may use to stiffen competition to their advantage.

Factors that generally affect the business activities provide an insight into what the market demands and the gap to bridge. The practical bit thus begins here, after learning barriers to business success. Generate an idea that is business-oriented. Through the study of business plan and layout, then from a generated business ideas, one may come up with a strategic plan towards the implementation of the concept. The program involves laying down a strategic direction that is to be followed during the business operation. At that point, managerial skills and entrepreneurial skills are executed.

In a business plan, there is the inclusion of the summary overview of the product or service to deliver to the market and highlight the long term and short term goal of the business. Also, it incorporates the vision and the mission of the company as well as the financial capacity the business requirements to start. Finally, it gives a brief and precise description of why the product or service selected is suitable for business and who is the targeted buyer or market. It outlines the market structure of that particular product. With such a skill, the business will be useful to initiate its process.

The plan also outlines the operation process as well as the marketing strategy. For the business plan to be effective, there is a need to consider all the internal and external factors of a business that I have discussed above. On the other hand, the merits that favor the business plan will always lead to business success. The entrepreneurial skill is finally vital in any business venture. The study of the business operation, therefore, should stress on it and how to successfully bring the business into the intended purpose.

An entrepreneur, therefore, a person who is ready to take a risk in business operation and also coordinate all elements involved in the business. Thus the critical responsibility of the entrepreneur is to manage the business as well as ensuring that it achieves the set objectives. Generally, the fundamental core factors of business that include, capital, labor, assets, and liabilities are coordinated by an entrepreneur to bring the business into successful production (Bocken et al., 2014).

Other vital skills that are necessary to develop include communication skills, negotiation skills, marketing skills, analytical skills, as well as delegation skills. Communication skills are both essential in academic business research activities as well as practice. Communication plays a vital role in a business to ensure that information is well conveyed or disseminated to internal staff as well as the market. In any business operation, the workers need to encode and decode the data as intended for effective communication to be attained. It is also through an information exchange that an entrepreneur can comprehend the outdated, invalid production process as well as getting the latest knowledge on advanced means of business operation (Creed et al., 2007). The practice of business, therefore, highly relies on communication compared to any other element of business success. Communication skill depicts other processes in a business such as business operations, marketing, managerial skills, as well as annual business meetings.

Negotiation skill is also a strategy gained in the process of discussing the welfare of the business with other staff members. The skill is learned and experienced through continuous practice. Therefore to gain the skill, I would require to propagate my argumentation quite frequently. Business negotiation skills thus can only be induced through self-indulgence toward business idea discussion within groups as well as raising critical issues that maybe need to be addressed (Bocken et al., 2014). The skill is also portrayed by allowing oneself into a business setting whereby one can bargain and address some of the issues in the business structure. The skill builds perpetually as a result of continuous practice.

Marketing skills involve developing successful methodologies in winning a significant market share. The skill is based on the pricing mechanism, promotions, discounts as well as advertisement of the products to the market. To gain the skill, besides learning the great qualities of the marketer, there is a need to get into the market, analyze its competitive approach, and different methodologies that different salespeople are using to win more customers. It is not enough to stop at that but also come up with an excellent way or improved way that suite customers more. Try to market the same product in the market and ensure that you win more consumers of the product. Through the practice and application of the lessons learned in class, more skills are gained.

Proper dedication is also required to gain analytical skills. The skill involves the evaluation of an undertaking. The process may be needed for both academic and business practices. Generally, the systematic process states from the plan layout design as well as ideological development. The strategic plan evaluation toward implementation is examined to ensure that it works effectively and efficiently (Gonnering, 2010). Then the implementation process is evaluated through the close track of the operation, noting detail and observing structures of implementation unusually. Finally, examine the outcome of the study or even the practice of the business.

Generally, to be able to come up with ideal solutions to business hiccups, various strategies have to be employed. The first and foremost action is to identify the business gaps that exist as well as limitations. Come up with a strategic plan outlining the basis of the business about to start. In relative comparison, find out cheap sources of input to reduce the cost of production hence maximizing profit margin. Also, through the action, ensure that the incoming product in the market is more integrated in terms of the quality, amount as well as relatively low prices. The strategy is to allow the business to fit in a competitive environment.

Finally, employ competitive marketing skills that require knowledge of counter competitors as well as the nature of the market. That way, the skill will lead to the success of the set objectives. The process involves self-indulgence in the research techniques to keep track of new ideologies and methodologies emerging. Be self-motivated to innovations and use of up to date technologies.


Bocken, N. M., Short, S. W., Rana, P., & Evans, S. (2014). A literature and practice review to develop a sustainable business model archetypes. Journal of cleaner production, 65, 42-56.

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