Merits of the Five-Paragraph Essay Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-15

The five-paragraph essay is a format used in essay writing which states that the structure of an essay should be as follows: It should have an introduction paragraph which should have a thesis statement that highlights the central idea that is discussed in the article. The essay then has three body paragraphs that defend the concept that was introduced in the first paragraph using as much detail as possible. The format ends with a conclusion paragraph that ties up the discussion. This method, although limiting to some extent according to the article "The ill effects of the five-paragraph essay" (Wesley 57), is an excellent way to develop and arrange essay-writing. Some of its advantages will be explained below.

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First, the five-paragraph theory is essential for new writers since it gives them explicit instructions to be followed to express their thoughts in a well-organized manner (Seo). As one gets introduced to a new concept, it is essential to have clear guidelines to follow. The five-paragraph essay format gives beginning writers the tools to develop structure and ideas. The order for writing is similar to the process of building a house in the Extreme Makeover, Home Edition show that Seo, a teacher, used to watch. The process remains the same for all the beginning steps which include setting up a foundation, constructing walls and finally raising a roof for the house. The crew then sets in o making adjustments that make the home more suited to the owner's preferences. With such clear guidelines on how a house should be built, it is rare for a person to make mistakes. Removing this order, however, may open up room for errors. After the writer has a general impression of how the essay is formatted, it is now right to add certain adjustments to the work to make it look good just as the crew in the show decorates the house that has been already set up. In addition to that, the format helps writers who may have complications in planning and explaining their ideas. The format clearly states what should be contained in each paragraph which "makes it easier for children with attention deficit disorders to express their thoughts" (Seo 15). The FPT is therefore crucial for new writers and those with attention deficit disorders.

Furthermore, the five-paragraph theory promotes the concept of order in essay-writing. The format serves to avoid a discourse in the arrangement of ideas in an essay. Lack of proper arrangement makes it hard to identify the major points in an article since they may not be appropriately highlighted. Five paragraph essays also make it easy for tutors during marking since the thoughts are clearly stated out at the start of each essay. Kathleen O'Brien finds herself congratulating some of the writers for "how well their compositions were arranged and how easy it was for their work to be followed" (O'Brien 11). This is to show that despite its shortcomings, the five paragraph essay are better in terms of arrangement.

The format serves as a guide to avoid deviating from the central theme as stated in an opening sentence of every paragraph. By saying what will be discussed in an essay, it is hard to write points that do not help in the argument. The thesis statement acts as a guide to the significant aspects that will be discussed in the text. This helps a writer to ensure that they have a proper layout of the job they are about to do from the beginning of the first paragraph. Moreover, having an appropriate understanding of the essay that one I about to write saves on the time that one spends doing it. This is proof that the five-paragraph theory promotes order and should be followed despite its limitations.


The five-paragraph essay serves as a clear guideline in essay writing. The format is easy to learn and apply even for new writers who may not have as much knowledge about academic writing. The format also reduces the chances of straying from the main theme that is required in an essay. Finally, it promotes order and makes it easy for the tutor to mark a piece of work.

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