A Haunted House by Virginia Woolf Essay

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Date:  2022-04-04

In the story, "A Haunted House" by Virginia Woolf, there is a depiction of the some of the things that normally take place in places that are haunted and all the outcomes that are attached to them. In the story, the author avails some themes that revolve around, loss, connection, struggle, love, and acceptance. The themes are presented in a way that they relate to each other since the characters are also behaving in line with them. The story is presented in the first person. The man and woman that are used in the story are both struggling to find happiness, but it is not easy to get it. Therefore, the story makes it clear that "for one to find love and satisfaction, he or she must undergo some form of struggle and experiences losses." (Thesis).

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The primary analysis of this story will be revolving around the point of view which is a literary device that is used to come up with an excellent flow of the story. In this case, the main point of view was the characters used and the ideas that they were trying to portray. There is the use of an old man and woman who had been roaming in the house, and they were not sure of whatever they were searching. This was a sign of struggle and difficulties that people encounter before they settle down with the one that they love. In this case, the deceased old man and woman finally found each other, and they realized that they were connected through love and would want to make it continue.

The other point of view can be seen from the symbols that the author has used so as make sure that the theme is perfect and provides a reflection of every intent. The old man and woman were living in an ancient house, and they still loved each other. They did not mind about the differences that they had having in mind that they were in the form of ghosts and creatures that are not alive. Even though they were old, they remained connected and in love. Time was not a barrier or a factor that could make them hate each other. This proves the fact that despite the fact that people get old and undergo a lot of difficulties, they still need to be able to love each other as that is their purpose and reason to exist.

The author was also creative by making sure that the old man and woman did not interfere with the narrator having in mind that they were in the same vicinity. This shows that there was a point of view illustrating the fact that two people who are in love are not likely to interfere with the other's opinions or whatever is taking place in their surroundings. For instance, the primary focus of the old man and woman was to look for what they thought they had lost a long time ago. The author has used the line, "Safe, Safe, Safe, the pulse of the house beat softly," to show the fact the house had dead occupants, but it was still alive because their spirits were roaming not getting tired of finding love.


In conclusion, the author was perfect in providing an excellent point of view in the story. Many incidents proved the fact that for one to find love and satisfaction, he or she must undergo some form of struggle and experience losses. The old man and women made it clear that they were dead and still wanted to be happy in the other world. Also, the author was excellent as he used a narrator who was also part of the story but was not affected by the incidents that were taking place in the entire time.

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