Masters in Dental Surgery: Admission Essay

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Date:  2022-12-16

As a child I always envied my uncle, Uncle John, simply because he was a medical doctor. There was just this attractive thing about his career. He was the role model of my life and what is better than having someone you look up to being closer to you and being able to guide you as you carve out your path? Even though I was of tender age and probably did not know clearly what I wanted to do in life, somehow the idea of being a surgeon excited me so much. It felt accomplishing due to the fact that it involved putting a smile on a patient's face after treating his/her condition thus "setting him/ her free" from the ailments.

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I must admit that I had not determined the specific medical field I was interested in at this time. Therefore, the passion I developed for Dental Surgery has a whole lot of story behind it. Do you want to listen to it? Of course, I know you are eager to listen to it. So my favorite cousin developed toothache when we were in grade four. At first, it was not so serious. He assumed the frequent pains that he was experiencing. After about a year the pain became too much and unbearable. He had to get a checkup with the dentist. After careful analysis, the dentist informed his parents that some of his teeth had cavities. The cavities were responsible for the severe pain experienced by my cousin. The bad teeth had to be removed so that they do not infect the rest which had no cavities. My cousin had already developed permanent teeth and thus removing some of them meant that they would not grow back. He became sad upon learning this. He cried and cried. There was no way I could help him out but only sympathize with his situation.

The bad teeth were removed and replaced by dentures. His teeth were back to "normal" again. I was amazed by the excellent result of the dentist's work on his teeth. I promised myself from that day that I will work hard in class and become a dentist when I grow up. This is how my passion for dentistry began. At such a tender age I had already got the dice rolling for my career path when I become of age.

Upon completing High School and graduating, I got a long-awaited opportunity to join a medical school. I went to (Name of University) where I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Dental Surgery. While at the university, I learned all the skills required of a dentist. The four-year course comprised of both theoretical and practical skill training. Since it is in the realm of medicine, practical skills were emphasized more than the theoretical field. In this way, I managed to not only study surgery procedures but also develop hands-on skills to enable me to perform diligently my duties as a dentist. Moreover, we got adequate knowledge of all fields linked or those that are part and parcel of Dental Surgery. Such fields include Biology, anatomy, Dental Morphology, Behavioral Science and community dentistry.

My experience in the medical field is a pillar which I lean on during such times. I have immense experience and exposure in this field. I have worked before as a Dental assistant at Horizon Dental in Lahore, Pakistan. I transferred the knowledge I got in class to administer medical services to the people of Lahore. I worked for about 40-50 hours per week. My duties involved receiving payments from patients, organizing appointments, recording patients' medical and dental records, monitoring the dental supplies and equipment inventory and orders, preparing about 10- 15 patients daily to undergo the dental procedures and cleaning of patients' teeth and application of fluoride thereafter. From the kind of work, I did here, it is evident that I have the capability to apply what I have been taught in real life. It is further evidence that I gained more experience. I should, therefore, be granted the opportunity by this institution to further sharpen my skills and to allow me to specialize in order to serve the community better and bring a difference by bringing high standards of health to the people in need.

Like it is not enough, my work experience stretches further beyond the medical realm. I moved to Houston, Texas where I managed to secure employment in 2016 with Continental Transportation. I believe I got the job because the company was impressed by my resilience and productivity when it comes to working. I work about 25- 35 hours per work, serving as an Admin Assistant. My roles include carrying out data entry regarding customers' transactions and accounts, preparing audit reports, providing customer service, management of merchandise, informing the management of an important update or development, managing and facilitating the training of new hires, completing assigned trainings and developments, following up and tracking productivity with trainees and many more. Even though this job is not entirely related to my field of study, it has equipped me with values such as honesty and commitment which are very vital in surgery or medical field in general.

I have done numerous personal researches on the use of new technology in dentistry. In this digital era, it is very important to consider the possibility of the use of technology in treatment procedures of dental surgeries. Technology has proven to be vital in today's way of doing things (surgery in this case). I have done this by reading well known scientific journals such as New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), The Lancet and Nature Medicine which update people in the field of medicine about new developments or advancements in the fields. Some of the researches and experiments that I had begun conducting need good laboratories and resources like those found in this institution. That is why I am applying for admission to graduate school in this great college. I should be given the opportunity to advance my research so that I do myself, the institution and humanity at large proud.

These jobs have instilled a lot in me. I am now able to work with a team, be a team player, solve problems, critically think before action, have good judgments, have good listening skills amongst others. This is partly because I worked and still work as the assistant of my seniors which put me in a position to be monitored and an opportunity to learn from them; they have years of vast experience in their respective fields for that matter.

If selected to join your institution for the graduate studies, I intend to bring along with me all the necessary skills that I have gathered in the field. I am a critical thinker whose opinions will matter to the other students and to the researches being conducted by the university. I also intend to engage in vigorous research, to push my mind to think beyond the bounds to come up with helpful researches that will make the country a smiling country due to good dental health. I expect to graduate with very high grades that will match the hands-on skills taught in class and in the laboratories. After graduating, my aim is to serve the country for at least one year then afterwards head out to continents with bad dental hygiene/ health history, say a country in Africa for example, and help them by volunteering to educate the affected people on dental hygiene and even perform free surgeries to those having advanced teeth problems.

I am looking forward to joining this great institution and to the great course of Masters in Dental Surgery. Let's collaborate and save the world from teeth related complications; make the world smile again!

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