Mary Gadams: From Banker to Enterpreneur and Founder of RacingThePlanet - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-06-21


Mary Gadams is an entrepreneur and the founder of RacingThePlanet limited company. The organization that usually hosts most of sports competitions across the globe. Also, the organization provides an online store based on outdoor products, freezing dried foods. Mary established the company in the year 2002. Moreover, before she had ventured into a corporate globe as a global strategist for Samsung company.

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Her interest in finance and business began in the U.S. she was working in banking investment and was holding an executive position as a vice president. In the mid-90s, she saw the need to enter into a global event series, which afterward captured all events aspects for his competition. These series have been named as one of the global top ten successful events together with other races like Vendee Globe, Tour De France, and Dakar Rally.

I learned about the ins and out of conduction, a massive outdoor even for a foreign land having an unimaginable logistical as well as physical challenges. Mary and her company, RacingThePlanet, is an inspiring example of how external adversity may be converted into strengths. The entrepreneur began her business in 2002, having the idea that people will be paying to run two hundred and fifty kilometers around the Gobi Desert. There is little that based on commonality as a business. The company aims at creating a valuable brand. "Everything is changing so fast," she claims. "You just have to try things and see what works. Try to pave the way." Like her race, the entrepreneur believes that her ambitions are among the endurance.

Additionally, she explains, "My goal" is setting RacingThePlanet out to outlast me." I also learned that through use of hostility of the environment is precisely an integral element in sustainability. For other entrepreneurs, they should learn how to solve issues of adversity can, of in and itself, results in significant opportunities. Additionally, for an entrepreneur to excel in business, motivation is vital by having all the staff be motivated each minute.

The RacingThePlanet in the new venture planning does sound planning. Any of the new ventures will have a separate marketing plan for the organization. Mary consults with the marketing department, and then there is the development of a marketing operation plan that defines the problems as well as opportunities which confront new product and enterprise. According to Corado-Simoes et al. (2018), there is a need to establish new ideas before beginning any of the new ventures. In the case of RacingThePlanet, before initial designing of business plans, chance played a significant role during the configuration of every organization's value-added activities.

Additionally, the company has an online platform that deals explicitly with selling the outdoor apparel, nutritional products, and equipment that could be needed for the endurance in any racing. Currently, the organization has grown. It is stock much more extensive in a variety of products based on all outdoors in pursuits. There is a widespread global distribution of its products due to the only outdoor gear store. Entering into markets, it involves the online outdoor products that are sold to different clients and organizing races (Botha, M., & Robertson, 2014). Every year, the roving race moves to different locations.

The companies are not all about running but creating global lifestyle brand used by Gadams to sell the emergency supplies, backpacks, clothing as well as other merchandise. Also generating content based on the multimedia division that is concerned with the sales of video for the websites as well as a global positioning system. Form Mary and her company, it can be said that one idea, one global entrepreneur, and one more success story. Talking about specific entrepreneur issues and perspectives, Mary established her company to a thriving worldwide ultramarathon and sports using volunteer staff and setting some fixed costs to below. Also, she rolled out various events at a time, as well as developing a compelling venture for participants to pay some money in advance.

The organization is only six years old, but the awareness of the brand is very high, and more so, the RacingThePlanet is profitable. Many of the new ventures are lacking the infrastructure in copping up with a dispersed activity as well as faraway markets (Simoes, et al., 2015). The physical distances usually develop time differences and maybe harsh when it comes to navigations. Like any other business, Mary should be ready for challenges in the market. I can also recommend her to be able to look for opportunities, strike deals, and gather resources. Also, according to Isenberg (2013), being an entrepreneur, one should not necessarily have fears for the flatness of the world.


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