Essay Example on Apple's Global Expansion: The iPhone 11 as a Catalyst

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Date:  2023-03-02


According to Zhang (2018), globalization is the process by which companies expand their operations to an international level to meet the evolving needs of their target customers. Apple, Inc., an American multinational technology firm, provides the best example of a company with globalized operations. The company designs and sells multiple consumer electronics, including smartphones. Currently, iPhone 11 serves as one of the best selling products for Apple, Inc (Newsroom, 2019). This paper provides a comprehensive investigation of the production process of this iPhone, as my preferred electronic product, and addresses its interrelated questions.

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General Overview

My investigations revealed that iPhone 11 is one of the best smartphones designed, manufactured, and sold by Apple, Inc. The iPhone 11 is a lower-priced product that succeeded in the iPhone XR (Swider, McCann, & Lumb, 2019). Therefore, iPhone 11 is a unique product in terms of its value and status in the market. There are different reasons behind my choice for this type of iPhone. First, iPhone 11 has an extensive dual-camera system when compared to its predecessor, iPhone XR (Zhang, 2018). This unique camera system is crucial in giving customers that prefer taking high definition photos. Secondly, iPhone 11 has a glass back that attracts the users' fingerprints, which makes it more secure than the previous types of smartphones (Newsroom, 2019). Lastly, this iPhone offers its users fast speeds at a discount price, hence providing a unique customer experience.

Origin of the Product

The iPhone 11 originated from Apple, Inc. This smartphone stars as the thirteenth series of highly affordable smartphones that succeeded in the popular iPhone XR (Swider et al., 2019). Tim Cook, Apple's current CEO, unveiled this iPhone alongside its main substitute, iPhone 11 Pro, in September 2019. The release of these smartphones into the global market sought to meet the increasing demand for iPhones sold at affordable prices (Newsroom, 2019). As a result, the pre-orders for the iPhone 11 started in September 2019 before its official release into the global market in the same month.

An Overview of People who made the Product

After detailed research, I found out that Apple, Inc. is the official designer, developer, and manufacturer of the iPhone 11. Apple, Inc's employees, work in specialized teams not only in the United States but across its target markets (Kubilay, 2015). However, Tim Cook provides the essential leadership and guidance needed by the company's departments to understand the needs of its target consumers (Swider et al., 2019). Apple, Inc., therefore, relied on its employees to develop the iPhone before its official release into the market in September 2019.

Analysis of Variable Components of the Product Made in Various Localities

My analysis of Apple, Inc's value chain showed that the company designs its products at its headquarters in the state of California but outsources most of its manufacturing jobs to other countries, including China (Kabin, 2013; Aljafari, 2016). For instance, Foxconn, Apple, Inc's main supplier factory and partner in China, assisted in the manufacture of iPhone 11 (China Labour Watch, 2019). However, numerous marketers criticized the factory for violating Chinese labor laws at the benefit of its partner.

How I Accessed the Product

I purchased my iPhone 11 directly from the Apple store. Visiting the stores was convenient because I had the opportunity to buy an unlocked iPhone 11 that was also SIM-free. The purchase involved interaction with Apple, Inc's employees (Cross, 2019). These workers helped me to configure the set up of the phone and also responded to critical questions I asked them. For instance, they clarified the differences between iPhone 11 and the previous series.

Assessing the Product's Recycling Plan

According to Swider et al. (2019), Apple, Inc has one of the best recycling plans. The company allows customers to recycle their devices at their stores and online platforms. Customers can return the already used iPhone 11 to the company for another option or sell it through third party affiliations. Also, Apple recycles parts of its smartphones, including iPhone 11, such as batteries and casings for free at any of its stores (Newsroom, 2019). Therefore, I will take my smartphone to any preferred store for recycling when I no longer need it.

Additional Interesting Information about the Product

There is a wide range of vital information about the iPhone 11. For instance, iPhone 11 comes in a variety of colors apart from its improved camera size (Cross, 2019). Also, the smartphone has a more durable battery life as opposed to iPhone 1. However, Apple committed multiple labor violations in the production of the iPhone 11, especially in the Chinese market (Raghunath, 2019). For instance, investigators found Foxconn Company liable for violations, such as recruitment of students to serve as workers, provision of faulty personal protective equipment, lack of safety training for employees, and failing to record and report associated occupational injuries (China Labour Watch, 2019). Therefore, Apple, Inc's management has a role to play in addressing such unethical claims.

Personal Feelings about the Use of the Product

This research shaped my opinion and perception regarding the use of the iPhone 11. I have a strong desire to continue using this product due to its uniqueness and outstanding benefits. The iPhone 11 is not only cost-effective but also provides high speed, which creates more efficiency when compared to my previous phone.


Globalization has a far-reaching impact on businesses. Apple Inc's decision to expand its operations internationally accounts for its outstanding performance in the global technology industry. Globalization is also the reason for the company's decision to release high-quality products with unique customer experiences such as iPhone 11, as discussed in this paper.


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