Essay Sample on Walmart: Enhancing Performance With Supply Chain Technology

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Date:  2023-02-27


Technology development has become a key concept that changes how businesses conduct their operations. Businesses that use technology in their operations create a good competitive advantage. Walmart is one of the leading supermarkets that believes in technology innovations. In the past five years, the organization has introduced more advanced systems to enhance its activities, especially in the supply chain. This concept has highly fueled its performance and growth. The essay reviews supply chain innovations in Walmart by examining the introduction of mobile apps, online shopping, website improvement, robots, and automation.

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Due to the popularity of mobile apps, Walmart has moved its operations to the system. Through the mobile app, the supermarket is able to connect with thousands of customers every week (Heller, 2017). This process has made it easier for customers to order and follow up during the delivery process. Additionally, the mobile app has reduced high congestion, which is experienced by customers as they gather in the stores to collect products (Mladenovic & Vukojevic, 2019). Using the mobile app, the company has been able to communicate and inform customers about product progress.

As a way of enhancing supply chain innovation, the company has introduced online shopping with free pickup. The company is able to deliver products within large markets such as Atlanta and small such as Ogden (Heller, 2017). This has been an essential innovation that has attracted new customers to enjoy the new delivery service. The free pickup approach has assisted the company in creating a good environment for marketing (Mladenovic & Vukojevic, 2019).

Introducing a more advance website has increased the rate of costumers' access. The new website design is compatible with all devices customers are using (Mladenovic & Vukojevic, 2019). According to the data collected by Walmart, the company has experienced a rise in customers who access the website (Heller, 2017). The rise has been associated with the increase in customers using different devices (Heller, 2017). As such, the company has introduced an easier way of communicating and interacting with customers. Interaction ensures customers continuously order and share comments regarding the services offered.

The establishment of robots has created a good way of moving products from the store to other areas within the organization. During stocking and restocking, robots are deployed since they are more efficient and faster (Mladenovic & Vukojevic, 2019). Additionally, the company is using robots in tracking inventory and recording based on customers' demand. This concept has reduced any inconvenience that may occur during product delivery (Heller, 2017). Using robots, the company is able to collect information and identify products based on customers' demand. In the supermarket shelves, robots are operated in a manner that they can scan all products to ensure they are organized in order. Due to the approach, the system has a highly improved customer experience.

Delivery is an essential aspect of the supply chain. As such, the company has introduced automation in the backroom to assist in loading and unloading trucks. Additionally, the system helps the company to sort all materials to reduce the time wasted when human labor is used (Mladenovic & Vukojevic, 2019). During loading, the machine ensures all products are delivered as ordered by customers (Heller, 2017). Due to its technical operation, the system can move in several stores within a short time.


In conclusion, the establishment of supply chain innovation has highly changed how Walmart operates. The effective operation of these innovations has boosted the organization's growth. As such, the company is able to improve customers' experience due to a good connection during the whole process of the supply chain. Therefore, mobile app, online shopping, robots, and automation are some of the innovations the company has embraced.


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