Marketing Research, the Marketing Plan, and Social Media Questions Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-22

Considering the sociability factors of conversation and interaction, how should your social media profile accounts be set up and managed?

Most companies that have successfully used the social media for marketing have social media marketers who manage their social media accounts. All communication from the corporate social media accounts should have consistent contents and message with the company's overarching core values, mission, visions and marketing goals. Having a social media marketing manager can help the compo any advantage social media as a channel for engaging customers if the customers can get quality and prompts feedbacks. The company's social media account should be separate from the personal accounts, as personal identity is separate from the corporate identity

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In what ways do you plan to create compelling social media marketing content?

Many tools can be used to create social media marketing content. The create compelling Content that can surpass the noise in the social media SUCH NAS VIDEO, and GIFs, it's important to create catchy content that would catch the attention of the social media users hat scroll through the newsfeed. Creating competing content is the most effective way to get a social media user or engage with the business on the social media (Motameni & Nordstrom, 2014). One can use tools such as canvas to create fun social media graphics, SlideShare for presentations, SlideSnack to add voice to presentations, and PowToon to change the presentations and concepts to reality and Hootsuite or social pilot to schedules special media posting (Motameni & Nordstrom, 2014). Engaging people on social media involves asking, questions, creating polls, answering questions and giving gifts and rewards to the social media users that engage with the content or business online. Other strategies include email marketing, search engine marketing, local search marketing and adding backlines to the company is landing page.

What are the evolving rules and best practices of social media among cyber communities?

There are basic privacy rules, ethical requirement and the legal stipulation that must be observed. Sharing, distributing or selling copyrighted content or intellectual property can lead to copyright infringement and possible legal actions. Using social media in such a way that the moral values of the society and copyright infringement are also unethical and illegal. While the copyright is used to protect the materials used on websites, blogs and other forms of social media platforms, it is important to ensure that copyrighted contents are not used without the permission of the author or owner (Ashley & Tuten, 2014).

The best practices of social media marketing include defining the network and the themes because each network can provide the company with unique outlets for the potential customers (Lake, 2017). Secondly, there should be consistency between the company's mission and social media content as the mission and content define the company's social media personality. The company should learn how to target and retarget because each market segment needs specific targeting stargazes. Finally, apart from engaging, interacting and humanizing the contents, the company must always carry out its research on the market, target segment as well as carries out competitive analysis to determine how best it will create content and target its audiences.

How will your web & social media be kept current?

The web and social media must be updated every day with fresh content that would keep the audiences engaged. The company would hire a team of competent social media content developers that would be posted with the aims of initiating discourses and influencing the audiences to answers questions, participate in the polls (Kasteler & Kasteler, 2018)

Will you hire someone to manage your social media?

Yes, hiring someone with both skills and experience in creating engaging content and engaging the audiences is important, the incumbent would also be responsible for creating leads and lead conversion into sales (Pinola, 2018)

What should their qualifications be and how much will you pay them?

Masters degree in marketing is the academic qualification and experiences in social media marketing and marketing management would be important because the most important thing is the ability to engage the audiences

What would the job duties be and how much work should they put into managing your social media?

A social media-marketing manager would need at least 8 hours per days working on managing the social media as five hours is required to research and write compelling content. The three hours is required to engage with the audiences, creating an identity to the brands and products, creating and developing relationships with the audiences, share a personality with the audiences (Kastler & Kasteler, 2018). The three hours would also be needed to reply to queries, and make follow-ups on client queries.


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