Marketing Research Paper Example: SWOT Analysis of Bridal Companies

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Date:  2021-04-09

Morgan Davies Bridal, London and Hertfordshire

The Morgan Davies Bridal Company is a bridal company which was founded over 25 years ago. It is located in the United Kingdom, specifically in London and Hertfordshire and specializes mainly in selling wedding gowns (, 2017).

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Morgan Bridal ensures client satisfaction through offering professional services and quality bridal wear through its two leading luxurious boutiques in Islington and Hertfordshire. The company has in-house consultants who are tasked with the responsibility of matching the clients to their dream gowns. It also has in-house seamstresses who ensure that fitting of the dresses doesn't become an issue through doing comprehensive dress alteration to fit the customer's taste (, 2017).


The major weakness of a company that the company has is selling their wedding gowns at a price far from the reach of many of their would-be clients (Valentin, 2001). For instance, dress in Morgan's Hitchin store goes for anywhere between 1200 to 3000 Euros and 1700 to 9000 Euros in the London store (


The company currently has two branches, one in London and the other in Hertfordshire. It's yet to tap into the whole United Kingdom market. It, therefore, has massive opportunities of expanding its presence through the United Kingdom and the European continent as a whole.


With the promising multi-billion dollar wedding industry, a number of bridal companies have sprouted all over the United Kingdom. Why is high competition a threat for a company? These budding companies together with the existing big players such as Los Trois Soeurs continue to competitively claim their share in the market by enticing customers with cheaper options and better qualities. This acts as a significant threat to the existence of Morgan Davies Bridal (, 2017).

USA Bridal Warehouse

The Bridal Warehouse Company, founded in the United States of America is one of the biggest and the most respected bridal companies in the US with over 30 years experience in dressing brides all over the world. To date, the company has dressed well over 50,000 brides. Apart from wedding dresses, the company also deals in proms and tuxedos (, 2017).


The USA Bridal Warehouse stands out as one of the best wedding dress companies in the region due to its commitment to impeccable quality standards. It has sub-contracted renowned designers such as Moro Lee, Maggie Sottero, David Tutera and more to ensure the quality narrative changes for the better. It also deals with a variety of bridal attire other than wedding gowns which increase its market base and helps it stay ahead in the industry (Fleisher & Bensousann, 2003).


The company's online platform suffers a great backlash from the public with accusations of delivering dresses that are not up to the expected standard. This mainly arises due to scammers who've made the industry their home and take advantage of established brands to make a kill in the market (, 2017).


With the diversification of its stock base from wedding gowns to tuxedos and other apparel, the company has great opportunities of making in-roads into the other segment of the bridal market involving groomsmen.


The ever rising number of scammers in the market threatens the image of Bridal Warehouse which is crucial for any reputable company. This coupled with increased competition from companies engaging in the same trade act as the biggest threats to the company (, 2017).

Metal Flaque, Paris

Metal Flaque, located in Paris, France was established in 2009 by a Norwegian designer, Lillian. It has cut its niche in the French market and internationally by strictly selling "NO MERINGUE'' dresses to its clientele. It stocks designs conceptualized by some of the world's leading designers making it a mover and shaker in the extensive bridal industry (metal, 2017).


Metal Flaque stocks a variety of bridal wear that represents concepts of the world's best designers from Italy, England, France and other parts of the world. The quality promise is thus upheld creating customer loyalty (, 2017).


The company has been on the market for only seven years, 2009 to date. Compared to other bridal giants, the company still has to do some advertising to create the level of customer awareness that it needs to operate efficiently.


Noting the strides made in the seven years of its existence, its partnership with renowned designers such as Oscar De La Renta, Jenny Packham, and Monique Lhuillier ensures its fight for top honors in the industry (metal, 2017).


Threats of stiff competition from players who have been on the market for longer prevail. It faces difficulties trying to secure its place in the market considering the loyalty created between the customers and the other bridal companies.

Roma Sposa, Michigan

The Roma Sposa bridal company is one of the most distinguished Bridal Ateliers located in Detroit. It also deals in the sale of evening wear, and occasionally does wedding events and planning. It has been dressing prominent women from the metropolitan area of Detroit for almost 20 years and employs the expertise of both local and international designers (, 2017).


Roma Sposa wedding dresses has a market presence that spans over 20 years dressing prominent and fashion-savvy women from the Detroit area. The company, therefore, boasts of positive testimonials from its clients making its success more imminent. Roma Sposa has personal in-house consultants and seamstresses to cater for any need that might arise during the fitting sessions. It boasts high-quality dresses designed by popular names such as Amelia Casablanca, Galia Lahav, and Zuhair Murad (, 2017).


Roma Sposa's expensive bridal wear makes potential customers shy away from buying from them. The prices are mainly tailored to meet the bridal needs of the wealthy locking out, probable clients.


Partnerships with big industry players such as Romona Keveza Collections and Vera Wang Luxe strengthens Rosa Sposa's brand and ensures its grip of the bridal market gets stronger by the day. A stronger brand promises an increased presence in the international market.


The major threat that Roma Sposa grapples with is the competition posed by the other bridal companies in Michigan and the United States as a whole (, 2017).


Fleisher, C. S., & Bensoussan, B. E. (2003). Strategic and competitive analysis: methods and techniques for analyzing business competition (p. 457). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Valentin, E. K. (2001). SWOT analysis from a resource-based view. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 9(2), 54-69.

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