Marketing Philosophy of Amazon Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-06

Part#1: Marketing Philosophy of Amazon

The marketing philosophy that Amazon uses to enhance its sales rates is the fact that it has a diverse level of understanding towards its customers across the globe. Based on this type of philosophy, it works towards ensuring that it meets the fundamental demands and expectations of their clients. Amazon has every strategy that it uses to satisfy the clients without excuse. The ability to enhance its client's satisfaction is in line with the choice of the organizational distribution channel. Additionally, at some point, before designing the product, the organization has to have a better understanding of the customer's expectation based on the customer's choice of tastes and preference. Additionally, the Amazon also has a program that it uses to carry out marketing analysis on the client's perception towards their products and service and find possible areas where the company should improve.

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Amazon has every strategy that it uses to enhance its focus on societal marketing concepts. For instance, the company does not only focuses on the customer's needs and demands or even on the organizational policies and objectives, but it works to ensure that it provides a sustainable and a long term impact to the community and the societies at large. Additionally, through the fundamental principles of sustainable development, the organization is keen to ensure that it undertakes key development projects on a sustainable basis. Moreover, Amazon also has direct involvement in some activities that enhance their corporate social responsibilities on key matters that have a direct impact on society.

Amazon through its sales and marketing strategies has ensured that it enhances a positive relationship and corporation with their clients. It is through its positive relationship and mechanisms that Amazon uses that have enabled them to make such key steps in its areas of operations. For instance, Amazon is keen to ensure that it provides quality services and products to their respective customers. In addition, the organization has a well-developed survey system that it uses to determine and gain results based on the feelings of their customers and works to perfect key areas of its weakness. It also uses the social media platform to enhance a positive relationship with the customers based on the nature of its products and services.

Amazon has various empowerment approaches and others underway with its employees. For instance, it offers innovative training that helps instill the fundamental benefits of training among its members of the staffs. Besides, the organ ensures that it involves its members in fundamental and key decisions that affect organizational performance. Amazon ensures that it works to put the interest of both his customers and the employees in the front step.

Part#2: Amazon Target Market

Amazon usually targets a demographic that has a minimal struggle in the household's bills and most digital clients. They have products for all age brackets including the teenagers who have their login to their website platform. However, they target more of the upper- and middle-class individuals as they have experienced on the technology issues and monetary potential. The micro-level segmentation mainly targets consumer individually, which allows the company to value their esteemed clients highly.

Amazon Company usually deals with social market factors through the integration of advanced technologies and the use of online platforms to sell their products. They utilize the social media channel maximally, which offers a social network for shopping globally. However, they have an online website, which runs all night and day to all clients worldwide regardless of their available time. The working mothers and family's programs are not affected since they can request their purchase at a convenient time. Similarly, they have diverse technology in builders and creators, which enables them to pursue their dreams.

The socioeconomic characteristics of a population such as age, sex, income, and marital status have a great influence on the providence of services in the Amazon Company. However, they have different market segmentation that caters for all existing groups. The teenagers have a different website with a login where they can access services individually. Besides, the middle- and upper-class people utilize the online website where they follow procedure thus placing their order. Amazon Company caters for all clients regardless of the demographic factor all the time. Furthermore, Amazon Company deals with ethnicity markets by diversifying their services all over the world and targeting all potential clients regardless of their demographic factors. Their online marketing is similar and available to all potential individuals worldwide without necessarily concentrating on one area.

Part#3: Strategies to Better Ethnic Markets

A good marketing strategy shows how Amazon can provide products and the related services for the satisfaction of its customers. Besides, ethical marketing guarantees that Amazon can satisfy the needs and services of its clients' in a manner that seeks to enhance a positive relationship. A long-term application and usage of ethical strategy in marketing help enhances successful initiatives and benefits related advantages that seek to improve and add difference among its clients. Some of the ethical benefits that the organization offers seek to enhance, Safety: An ethical marketing approach should not promote or advertise unsafe utilization for services or products. Amazon should avoid the provision of services or products that are harmful under specific conditions. An ethical marketing approach should analyze the harmful and provide clear highlights on how to prevent them. The company should apply such approaches to gather information on the utilization of the products and follow procedures to minimize or avoid the hazards to the consumers. A good ethical approach that endorses marketing objectives would stress both the dangers and procedures taken to minimize them.

Prevention of market manipulation- an organization engaging an ethical market strategy should not be involved in the manipulation of the markets. An ethical approach will examine the target markets for data on how many products consumers are likely to purchase and make sure there is a suitable supply. To grow the ethical market, the company should avoid creating artificial shortages as equipment for driving demand.

Some of the marketing approaches that Amazon could use to expand sales of its products include, social media- with the use of social media there is magic occurring. Effective use of all forms of social media will build the organization solely. The company will utilize social media in posting its services and products and any other information that could be relevant to the audience. Search engine optimization: The Company might have a marketing area, which is incredibly passionate about based on the choice of marketing strategy. However, it should master the marketing strategies, which are powerful and use them.

Part#4: Describe the Company's Competition

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the United States where they normally operate in three sections namely electronics, other merchandise, and media. However, their main competitors are the world's largest companies such as Alibaba, which is wholesale trade. It an e-commerce company that enables a great influence on the usage of the internet with improved technology. Besides, in the media sector, Amazon usually competes with the Media game charger, Apple, iTunes, and Google to offer internet services that are effective and reliable. However, along with electronics and another stock line they compete with big companies in the industry that have multinational market outlets. For example, Walmart, Family Dollar, Target, Staples, and systems to provide goods in bulk for both wholesaling and retailing.

Amazon Company positions its market shares, branding and image creation usually through market segmentation. They target their potential clients to expand their shares in all branches worldwide. They also acknowledge feedbacks and suggestions from their clients about their products branding as well as following the trending fashion in the market. They create their image through advertisement in various media platforms and treating their clients with respect and care through offering efficient and durable products.

The company can improve its market position by enhancing its recommendations on emails. They are slow when replying to the client's emails, which creates uncertainty among their consumers affecting their sale output. They should check and improve on the emailing market strategy to attract more consumers into the company. Amazon should also improve its customer's loyalty through improvising a tiered rewards system to expand their markets. They also lack a point's program system for rating and reviewing employee performance. They should improve their rating and reviewing points to enhance motivation among their customers and employees. Amazon has a global marketing approach, as they are a powerful technological company with communication systems and software devices across all landscape. Their expansion rate is intensifying as they have branches both locally and internationally.

Part#5: How Strong and Effective Amazon Internet/Web Effort

The company internet is quite effective and strong as they provide their services online with a cloud web, which is comprehensive and evolving. The Web effort is strong and reliable as their technology grants all their subscribers to have virtual computers disposal through the internet all the time. They usually offer an online purchase through the digital approach system. Clients buy and sell their selected goods through the Amazon online website page.

It involves following a simple procedure such as logging in to the website, searching and selecting the product and finally clicking OK button. The website is reliable as they have clients globally; therefore, they need to cater to all their requirements. They also face stiff competition from their close partners thus a need to have a strong internet to serve all their customers without fail. They also ensure that they lead with technological advancement to beat their competitors and provide trendy products in the market.

The Amazon website is effective when dealing with the buyer's cycle as they have a privilege to decide on their market transactions. They do so before and after purchasing a product, which is a cost-benefit analysis in the multiple market alternatives. The consumers buy good according to their willingness and satisfaction with the product. They counter to check their stock to ensure validation and efficiency. Amazon is among the leading e-commerce online marketing company globally. They are multinational technology that focuses on cloud computing and artificial intelligence services. They sell their products through their website that is the where all potential clients can access all the time.

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