Paper Example on Walmart's Global Success: Brand Recognition, Expansion & Low Prices

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Date:  2023-02-27


1. Brand recognition: The firm gets many customers every day and is said to be the most recognized brand in the world. Walmart has over 60 million available.

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2. Global expansion: The company has recently purchased ASDA a UK based retailer and Flipkart an Indian e-commerce.

3. Global preferences: The firm opened over 47 new stores in Chile, and central America with more in china and UK.

4. Everyday low prices strategy: The firm focuses on economies of scale and that is the reason it offers low prices.

5. Global supply chain and logistics system: The firm focuses on logistics and distribution as its core competencies. The firm uses IT to efficiently monitor the performance of its daily sales of products.

6. Human resources management: The firms believe that the employees are its assets. It invests heavily in the management and development of its employees.

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1. Working conditions and employee treatment: there have been several criticisms and lawsuits over how the firm treats it employees.

2. Large span of control: The company is massive in size and this could leave some part weak.

3. Thin profit margins: The focus of the company is on cost leadership that results to thin profit margins.

4. Gender discrimination: In 2007 the company was charged for alleged gender discrimination.

5. Imitation: The business format that the firm uses can be replicated by any other business.

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1. Expansion to other markets. Walmart has a great opportunity of venturing into markets that it has not be to yet. Such markets include the middle east, China and even the Latin America.

2. Strategic alliances: The company has a good opportunity of merging or creating partnership with other global brands. The company can also make profits by making acquisition with small companies.

3. Enhancing the human resource practices: The company can rethink and redefine its human resource practices with to focus on better engagement

4. Improving quality standards: Products that are of low might not be good for the customers. The firm can focus on the quality of its products and address the concern of the customers.

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1. Impeach 45 controversies: The printing of the Impeach 45 T-shirts meant that the firm supports violence and this could not be a good thing.

2. Fake craft bear controversy: In the year 2017 the firm was sued for selling a fake craft of bear. This ruins the reputation of the firm and could reduce its brand image.

3. A primary target of competition: There are many firms that are focusing on competing with the world largest grocery retailer.

4. Political and legal tussle: There are several legal and political issues that might hinder the firm from venturing into a foreign country.

5. Small scale online e-commerce firms: there is an upsurge of small scale online based companies that are selling products that Walmart is selling. This could be a course of alarm.

6. Technical issues in their website: there are several complaints from customers about the technical issues on the website.

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List your library citations or web resources. Please add more rows if needed.

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