Marketing Paper Example: Developing a Marketing Plan for Nivea

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Date:  2021-03-30

A marketing plan is a process that starts and ends with an assessment. In the marketing plan, the final phase measures the result of the marketing activities against the original targets and aims. The marketing team is capable of introducing new activities to achieve objectives through continuous evaluation. Various strategies performance indicators were adopted that aimed at evaluating the success of NIVEA FOR MEN re-launch in the UK. It focused on the market share, overall sale, brand image rating, and product innovation. The results indicate that the re-launch of NIVEA FOR MEN in the UK met the objectives that had been set which was a success bearing in mind the difficult economic situation. While coming up with the marketing, Nivea relied on forecast data and passed performance in creating a new marketing strategy.

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Question One

Nivea re-launched NIVEA FOR MEN in 2008. As such, it developed a new marketing plan to increase its market penetration and share. While preparing the marketing plan, Nivea used two pieces of data to create an appropriate approach for growth.

Assessing the market

Nivea carried out an assessment to find out the position of the brand and the state of the market and the current competition. It used SWOT analysis to analyze the internal strength and weaknesses to take to take advantages of the available opportunities and deal with the threats that might hamper growth.

Setting objectives

Nivea realized that for the marketing plan to be successful, it needed to have a clear and relevant objectives. The marketing team came up with SMART objectives which assisted the company in achieving its goals. These are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time constraints.

Question Two

Nivea had two ways to promote the product range; above-the-line promotion and below-the-line promotion. It made use of below the line promotions to associate the brand with football to heighten the image of the brand among men. Through football sponsorship, Nivea was able to associate itself with football athletes and maintained a continuous dialogue with footballers to associate a kind of masculine image to the product. The strategy was successful as male customers saw that the brand to be highly associated with footballers. Because more men support football, most of them were attracted to the product.

Question Three


The company was the leading skin and beauty care brand in the United Kingdom.

Nivea was financially stable and was capable of exploring the market

Nivea had qualified staff with required skills to promote the product


The company was not sure if the product was still relevant to customers

Nivea was concerned about the existing sales and distribution network

Was market research up-to-date?


Increase in sales of male skincare product

The growing market


Risk of competition

Price conscious consumers

Question Four

Since the re-launch of the product, the market worth currently stands at 49 million from 7.3 million. At the moment, Nivea is one of the most recognized skins and beauty care brand globally

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