Marketing Essay Example: Hexoskin Promotion

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Date:  2021-03-24

Hexoskin is a young company that does not have too many promotion strategies on products. The primary promotion strategy of the company is taking full advantage of the internet. Hexoskin does not have a physical store, so it has to create internet marketing online advertisement. Online promotion can make consumers super easy to participate because the easier for the consumer to engage with products and the better price, the more likely they will do so. A complex promotion may seem more compelling to a company, but for consumers, it is better to create the clearer and more concise the entry process. The internet market can get people sharing photos and videos to public. Integrating the photos and videos into the promotion is an easy way to increase the engagement of the audiences. For example, the Youtube videos and Facebook, both of them are effective and impactive ways to promote. Right now, more and more people prefer to get the view of products through phone, so the Hexoskin can make their product more mobile-friendly and consider how those products will look and feel through the phone, so that can increase the business volume. Hexoskin can also create some "retweet and win an award" news on social media platforms such as tweeter and Facebook and let staffs tweet and spread the news. It can help the company to deal with some old products and also get promotion of their products. If consumers realize the benefit and advantages of the product, they will have demand for the model change.

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Setting the Advertising Budget is the next step for effective promotion of Hexoskin Company. Advertising budget involves a stepwise process which will be affordable by the company, but concerning competition in the world market, advertising budget for this company should be parallel with other companies. To capture the gap in competition, the best method of the advertising budget for Hexoskin Company is an objective-and-task method. This method will place advertising budget in the priorities of the company. Additionally, after selecting the advertising budget method, there comes in another fundamental step to choosing advertising strategy. On the advertising strategy, it's advisable for Hexoskin Company to choose wisely an advertising message and media. The advertising message should entertain the consumers and also focus on lifestyles, personality, and fantasy to capture the attention of the buyer. For instance, most of the online promotions are facilitated by ads. Ads are incorporated in the World Wide Web sites and other blogs to send messages to as many people as possible who make use of the online shopping. The advertising media for Hexoskin Company should fit the budget. The Internet and (WWW) are the advertising media of choice, which are cheaper, effective and impactive to the consumers.

Other considerations of advertisement should be put in place like advertising strategy. Most of the advertisement channels don't spread globally or else they are inaccessible. Hexoskin Company being a young company can use the two promotion mix strategies for efficient promotion. Both push and pull strategies when used together; customers services are delivered to meet the demand. Online marketing, therefore, is the most effective digital marketing for Hexoskin Company. Regarding technology and development, online services in digital marketing have gained more users than direct marketing. To meet the competition out there, Hexoskin Company will employ the digital marketing strategies like social media, the internet and (WWW), newsletters but priority should go to the internet and World Wide Web.

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