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Marketing is the process of promoting and appealing to potential and existing customers to buy business products or services. Marketing strategy is an essential part of a business plan that outlines the plot of actions designed to attract customers. Marketing strategies are formulated depending on overall business goals (Lorette, 2017). Lee's Doggie Daycare is firm in the United States aimed at assisting with animal care and monitoring. The business has a product-oriented mission statement, which is "we take care of canines." However, contrary to companies that have embraced production orientations, the operation of market-oriented purpose businesses is exceptionally different. A market-oriented mission statement focus on solving the problems and offering solutions to the needs of consumers. Likewise, such business constantly monitors their market gap and are quick to alter their services and products to suit the demands of their customers. Therefore, "Let's watch your best friend while you are at work or away for the day," would be a suitable market-oriented mission statement for Lee's Doggie Daycare.

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Situation Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool utilized by firms to evaluate their strength and weaknesses as well as any opportunities and threats that may exist in a specific business setting (Armstrong et al. 2015). For Lee establishing a Doggie, Daycare business might have been triggered by the facts that dogs are among the most popular pets and owning one is fun as canines serve as a companion and cohabit perfectly with humans. Nevertheless, setting up such a dog daycare requires reviewing some internal factors. By analyzing the internal set-up of the business in Bala Cynwyd, Philadelphia some of the strength of a dog daycare would include limited startup risk in the city and low set-up capital. Similarly, skilled and professional workforce, easy access to the firm and accreditation by the Pet Care Service Association would make the dog daycare successful

However, the business has its weaknesses, which ranges from lack of initial cash flow, liability, safety, and broadening its client base. Majority of dogs brought in the daycare might be docile and well trained, but canines can be unpredictable and are at risk of being aggressive, which might cause havoc in the facility. Likewise, those taking their pets to the facility expect the firm is responsible for the safety and welfare of their dogs. In most cases, the risk exposure to the canine might be small, but it is essential to acknowledge that something might happen to the animal. Forming a client base is also a significant challenge for new businesses and Lee Doggie Daycare would not be exceptional.

By conducting an environmental scan, some of the opportunities the Lee's Doggie Daycare may encounter include the developing a competitive gain against other similar firms, using the technology to market the firm and taking advantage of social and economic changes in the city. Today, pet owners would rather pay somebody to watch over their adored animals than leaving them at home alone. As a result, this has made dog daycare a thriving business especially in Bala Cynwyd, PA where competition is favorable as they are few firms offering similar services. Lee's Doggie Daycare can also benefit from the advancement in technology to market their facility to potential customers. However, some of the threats Lee's Doggie Daycare might face also include competition from a few established pet daycare in Philadelphia such as Little White Doggie Daycare and Scallywags Dog Daycare among others. The legal forces will also require the firm to register with the Pet Care Service Association and acquire necessary documentation, which might be costly and time-consuming.

Some of the direct competitors Lee's might face in the industry include businesses offering similar day care services in the locality. Lee's should provide other services such as grooming, boarding, and training to broaden the scope of the business. Advertising the business would also make it among the most popular and trusted facilities. The cost factor is another area that would influence customers to entrust the daycare. Lee's should set a price relative to those of the competitors and integrate with other firms to offer quality and reliable services. Therefore, it is advisable for Lee is to incorporate veterinary functions to access the canine's health, as this would create confidence among customers to the facility.

Set Marketing Plan Objectives

Lee's Doggie Daycare goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART). The objectives of the business would be to maintain a positive and steady growth each month. Lee's also aims at providing customers with the most excellent foster care service for their dog companion every day. Therefore, with some of these visions, the daycare would exemplify the kind of services every customer would want for their best friend.

Market Strategy

A target market strategy is an essential plan of action for any business to take account of consumer demands, company's objectives and quality of service or goods produced (Armstrong et al. 2015). Lee Doggie Daycare targets the high number of people with dogs and would need daycare services whenever they are not together with their pets. Philadelphia is one of the cities in America, and a considerable number of people have adopted pet's culture. For Lee's business to expand, market penetration would be a fundamental factor to take into account. It involves offering same services to the same market by reaching an extensive range of consumers. Proposing loyalty scheme and launching price and special offers promotions would make the business thrive in the existing market. For instance, Lee should offer free daycare services for one or two days or fee discounts to loyal clients. With market development, Lee would be seeking to sell his services to different people. It involves targeting diverse geographical market through developing different sales channels. For example, Lee may opt to use online adverts or media to reach different people or market segment.

Product development also a marketing strategy and would require Lee to offer more services to the same market. The dog daycare might opt to offer grooming, training and boarding services as additional services to the initial objective of the business. On the other hand, diversification would involve adding more businesses to the portfolio to expand the facility. In this case, Lee can offer veterinary services as an additional scope to the business.

Lee's marketing mix strategy would help in positioning the business to fit in the market setting. Price, product, promotion, and place (4Ps) would be essential in defining the business process in bringing their services into the market. Lee's services should meet and satisfy customers' demand, which is ensuring their pets gets a companion, safe and healthy environment in their absence. Likewise, with the place, Lee's is taking into account the different distribution channels and means clients would access the facility. Pricing is a significant area of interest to consumers as they opt to pay for services and products that have value. In this case, Lee's prices should be customer sensitive and relative to the competitors. Promotion is also part of the 4Ps, and it incorporates accessing means of reaching to both potential and existing consumers to make business services accessible in a market segment. Among the issues, Lee should consider are the way competitors, carry out their promotion and the most suitable time to conduct promotion activities.


A grand vision should be accompanied by solid strategic growth plan and ability to have the implementation process effectively accomplished. For Lee Doggie Daycare, the firm should have compact strategy and team to have their strategy executed. The implementation should start by building a team and securing necessary resources. Second, Lee should establish a healthy relationship with customers, partners, investors, and workers. Third, setting a conducive environment for work would make everyone passionate about the business and remain committed. Developing supportive and ethical character would also ensure that consumers are well served, and they are limited cases of conflict in the company. Conflict management would also involve laying active communication channels where every stakeholder would feel free to air their grievances and compliments (Baker, 2014). Eventually, setting up a dashboard for tracking and regularly monitoring the process is essential in the implementation process.


Evaluation of a marketing plan involves scrutinizing the returns of the investment and response from different shareholders. Profit, number of sales, customers' response, market expansion, and effects to the competitors are some of the measures to take into account in the evaluation progress (Armstrong et al. 2015). Lee's indicators to the success of the marketing strategy include the number of canines they serve every month, the popularity the firm has gained over its competitors, and customer's response to the diversified business. Likewise, by evaluating the profit of the business Lee would make an informed managerial decision to rectify and make the investment profitable and satisfy its customers.


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