Singapore Airlines Case Study Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07


Singapore Airline is a company that has undertaken huge investments, aggressive growth, and trading in the recent past to enhance its market competitiveness and their market share. The company's goals are determined by their mission which indicates that failure or success is dedicated mainly by the quality of services it provides. The company's introduction of new initiatives or plans and restructuring the existing infrastructure is highly motivated towards customer services perfection and satisfaction (Heracleous & Wirtz 2012). The company is also determined to ensure that it is capable of providing the best and quality health care needs to their customers in the near future through creating a strategic plan to be implemented. Achievement of these goals has put the company at a competitive place in the market due to its effective customer satisfaction. The aim of this paper is to asses or determine the readiness of Singapore airline in providing quality health care needs of the people in the next decades.

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Strategic Plan

Network growth

To ensure the company's network growth, Singapore airline has focused on putting their focus on the inflight services. Quality flight services tend to be a clear induction of how well the airline company pays attention to every detail throughout the entire airline. The enhancement of the inflight services will have been achieved by ensuring careful selection of the flight attendant's and ensuring that their level of performance is in line with the company's demand. The flight attendants or stewards are normally selected from a very young population between the age of eighteen to twenty-five years. This tends to be a highly competitive hiring process since the airline company is focussed on the applicant's skills level and their work experience. The airline strict recruitment process leads to the hiring of a motivated, well skilled, and youthful workforce that is ready to be trained. Hiring such kind of workers who are ready to be trained and guided helps to ensure that the services they provide are of good quality and meet the customer's satisfaction. Employing young flight attendants is usually effective since it prevents the monotony of the older customers being served by older people. The older customers usually prefer the young attendants since they are ready to listen to them and offer the best services. On the other hand, the young stewards are usually ready to follow and abide by the newly implemented procedures and tend not to complain about the high employers demand. This plays a major part in the achievement of the company's goals and also ensure the airline growth. This will help to attract more customers who intend to experience the quality services being offered and also boost the competitiveness and growth.

Nurse staffing and resource management

To ensure effective nurse staffing, the airline also hires young nurse attendants who undergo comprehensive training before they start their healthcare duties. The nurses are trained in disaster preparedness and response in case of any scenario that may be encountered on the ground or in the air. The hiring of the young nurse workers is a great advantage to the company particularly since the young workers are usually ready to learn new things through the continuous training programs, unlike the old workers who are usually not ready to learn from others instead they think they know everything. The recruitment process in the airline company also ensures that the hired nurses are highly qualified and have also gained experience from various positions that will help to create diversity among the large homogeneous workforce thus enhancing the organizational capabilities to provide quality health care to people of diverse ethnicity. To ensure the company remains competitive and at the forefront of providing quality health care, it ensures that nurse staffs meet the diverse perceptions and needs of the whole population. This is achieved mainly through hiring qualified nurses from various parts of the worlds not just Asians such that they can provide diverse healthcare that meets the needs of every customer despite the ethnicity. In addition, the employed nurse staffs usually undergo regular training and evaluations to help the employees become aware of their performance level and also to assist them to gain exposure to various methods of continuous improvement. Through undertaking such measures, the company ensures that the nurses are always providing quality services to the customers and also prove the airline's preparedness to address or tackle any healthcare need.

Patient satisfaction

To ensure patient satisfaction in the services that the customers get, the airline company has employed various methods to assess the customer's satisfaction levels; first, they have introduced a system that determines the number of customers compliments and complain per every one thousand passengers served. The measure helps to provide a comprehensive picture of how the passengers feel about the services offered, their quality and any kind of improvement that the passengers would like to be done. In most cases, this measure of the compliment and complaints in the company usually show high satisfaction level among the among the patients. The airline also intends to introduce the routine surveys that will help to provide a more accurate measure of the passenger's satisfaction. Secondly, the company also uses the INRA surveys to assess their level of customer satisfaction. This survey state the satisfaction level among the entire consumer population and also indicate the areas that should be clearly addressed (Wirtz & Johnston 2003). The INRA survey also helps to compare the level of service delivery with other competing companies which helps to establish the areas that need proper improvements.


The Singapore airline has shown more readiness in addressing the healthcare needs of the customers as compared the united state's healthcare system due to various reason that include; first, Singapore airline is focused on hiring young workers who are motivated and ready to go through the comprehensive training while the American healthcare system, on the other hand, does not look at the employs age, they are focused on hiring experienced workforce (Starfield & Macinko 2005). This usually acts as a setback since those hired are usually not ready to undergo training sessions. Secondly, Singapore airline does periodic training and assessment of its workforce to help determine their performance level and identify the areas that need improvement while in the case of the national health care system, they do not conduct the periodic workers training and evaluation thus contributing to the low service delivery standards. Thirdly, Singapore airline performs continuous surveys to determine the patient's satisfaction with the services offered and also determine the various complaints that need improvement. The airline uses international research associates surveys to determine the customer's satisfaction. On the other hand, national healthcare does not conduct periodic assessments to identify the patient's satisfaction. This can act as the cause of poor health service delivery in the country.


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