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Is Maggot therapy better in treatment of pressure ulcers rather than conventional debridement therapies?

Using Pico model


Pressure ulcers is a localized kind of injury to the skin or underlying tissue, in most case over bony prominence, resulting from unrelieved pressure. Factors that are predisposing pressure ulcers are intrinsic and extrinsic. Preventing measure are taken into consideration which involves identifying risk exposed person and put implementation of specific measures. Documentation and appropriate staging should be keen to check on since they are so essential to the wound assessment (Basic, David, & Hartwell, Tabitha J. 2015). When it comes to treatment it involves management of the common local and far out infections, also removal of necrotic tissue, another thing involved is keeping moist environment needed for healing maintained. Debridement appears. There is a necrotic tissue. It can cause ulcerative fibrosis or retroversion. Mechanical, thermodynamic, and self-respective resection are the treatment methods. Cleaning is recommended. Normal saline and prescription pads are clean meat and overdose. Bacteria Clean and manage your luggage. Look, fix the state law. After 14 days. General anesthetics can cause osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, or systemic infection.

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Maggot therapy

The PICOT is an interventional question. It addresses Maggot therapy as among types of biotherapy where live, disinfected maggot were put into the non- healing skin and soft tissues wounds of human or animal in order to clean it out the dead tissues within the debridement and also get to disinfect the same. It's clear that the wounds colonized with maggots likely to have less morbidity as well as mortality (Sharifi, F. et al, 2015). To add on that, It clear out septicemia. Small maggots in large numbers consumes the necrotic tissues that could otherwise needs a normal surgical operation it also debride would in merely a day or two.

Comparative treatment

Convectional debridement therapies

This PICOT question is a comparative treatment question. It deals with fluctuations and interferes with the most effective maggots. Clinical problems of agitation in patients with ulcers are important (Laflamme, et al. 2015). Most of the time, this medicine is used to reduce cholera. There are advantages and disadvantages for this approach. The use of medicines is considered as a chemical and requires proper documentation to ensure that the facility complies with state regulations. Another problem with using these drugs among the elderly is the way the body treats them. Parents have physiological changes that affect the way the drug treats. Blood flow of the liver is lowered, the body uses the drug and metabolism slows down. As transgenes are identified in many types of L. sericite that state human. pdgf-b mRNA is detected by PCR which is not quantitatively absorbed in thermal shock using a heat promoter that can be felt to control the pdgf-b gene. PDGF-BB proteins can also be detected in larvae and larvae of efflux. The mediation expression of the pdgf -b line that inhibits tetracycline, which replaces the pdgf-b mRNA expression of the pdgf-b lineage when methionine is produced in a tetracycline-deficient diet. In addition, PDGF-BB protein is easily detected in larvae and larvae.


Wound healing

Maggots can eliminate diabetic wounds and stimulate wound healing. This study shows that MDT is an effective strategy for treating various diabetic diseases. In addition, the authors show that MDT also works with dry and rotten wounds. The consent and satisfaction of patients with MDT is very good. Most patients have managed to manage MDT despite experiencing moderate pain levels with oral pain relievers (Baltes, P.B., & Kliegl, R. 2017). In 2004, the Food and Drug Administration approved medical worms for healing of chronic wounds.7 At least one randomized trial8 supported its use compared to conventional therapies. However, this study does not include uncontrolled diabetic patients. Because many patients with limbs in Hawaii suffer from uncontrolled diabetes, research focuses on this group that finds MDT an effective treatment.


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