Lost City Of Atlantis

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The lost city of Atlantis is a myth written by Plato about a particular beautiful Island found in the Atlantic Ocean. According to him, this island went below the waves of the Atlantic Ocean in a day. Atlantis refers to a legendary subcontinent Island that is considered as a uniquely advanced society that has the power to bring peace to the world. The Atlantis idea has captured new agers and dreamers for generations. The story of Atlantis was initially told by two dialogs of Plato. These dialogs are Timaeus and Critias; they were written by around 330 B.C.

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In his book entitled Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology Plato gave a different description of the lost city of Atlantis. He brings out the Atlantis Empire as being technologically sophisticated and morally bankrupt. They use their advanced technology to attempt dominating the world by force. He further adds that the only people who stand in Atlantis way are the few morally principled and spiritually pure people known as the Ancient Athenians.

Atlantians were considered as great architects and engineers by Plato. They built huge and elaborate palaces, temples, docks and, even harbors. They made their capital Itty on a hill and surrounded it with water rings. These water rings were joined by tunnels that were large enough to allow ships to pass through. A colossal tunnel was also constructed to connect the ocean with the outer water ring. Vast plantations were placed at the city outskirts, and numerous farmers grew many types of food for the Citys population. Wealthy villagers resided on mountains that were located past the fields. They had fantastic buildings that had both cold and hot fountains, stone walls that were covered with attractive metals and even shared dining rooms.

Many theories come up trying to point the real locations of Atlantis. Some of the suggestions include, under Antarctica, coastal area of Spain, and within the Mediterranean Sea. History indicates that this Island existed approximately over eleven thousand years. The people who inhabited the Island were considered noble and very powerful. They had a lot of wealth due to the presence of numerous natural resources that they had across the island. The Island was considered a imperative center where trade took place. Their rulers had power and influence over the other continents such as Europe, Africa, among others.

Atlantis was Poseidon domain, Poseidon was a god that reigned within the sea. Poseidon ended up falling in love with Cleito, who was considered mortal. He, therefore, created a place of dwelling at the hill top and surrounded it with water rings. His wife, Cleito, gave birth to five different sets of twins who were all boys. These boys became the first real rulers of the Atlantis. This led to the division of the island to each of these sons of the gods. The eldest son became the first Atlantis King and had real control over the central part of the Hill together with its surrounding areas.

A unique and eloquent temple was built at the top of the Hill, which was at the center of the city. The main purpose of building this Temple here was to give honor to the Poseidon. Therefore, a giant statue of the god while riding his chariot was housed in this temple. The temple formed the perfect place for the rulers to give their tribute to the god and discuss various laws governing the city.

The Atlantis city comfortably sat just outside the last water ring and is spread over a plane of approximately 1.7km wide. The majority of the citys population is believed to have resided here. The climate of the island was very favorable making it possible for the farmers to have two yearly harvests. This made the city be a food-secure area throughout the year. The winter climate was fed by constant rains, and the summer was reliable irrigation from the built canals. Most of the mountains were found to the North of the plain field, and they formed the origin of many rivers of the city.

The island also provided many kinds of fruits and nuts beside the real harvests. Many animals both wild and domestic roamed this small continent thus acting as additional sources of food to the population. For many generations, the Atlantians spent their lives in a simple, humble, and extremely virtuous ways. With time they started changing morally, politically, socially, and in all other relevant aspects. Greed for power became their center of corruption. When one of the gods, Zeus, saw what was happening, he gathered the other gods so that they could determine a suitable form of punishment. The gods decided to destroy the city by sinking it into the water. Soon in a surge of one violet, the city was gone.

There are many other theories that scientists have written about the lost city of Atlantis. The most believed theory was the one that Greek archeologist Galanopoulos came up with around late 60s. His theory stated that a volcanic eruption that occurred on an active volcano ripped a part of Santorini Island found in the Mediterranean. This eruption according to him wiped a considerable civilization of the islands of Greeks. He suggested that this disaster of eruption was what led to the sinking of the Atlantis city.

Very few Scientists believe that Atlantis actually existed. One of these Scientists is the Ocean explorer named Robert Ballard. He discovered a titanic wreck in the Atlantic Ocean around 1985. He says the legendary of the Atlantis is logical because explosions and floods have occurred in history. One of these eruptions he says has similarities to the story concerning the Atlantis destruction. That is the explosion that occurred in Santorini Island as explained by Galanopoulos, the Greek scientist. However, Ballard has a different opinion concerning the real location of Atlantis. He differs with the idea of the Greek archeologist that Atlantis existed in Santorini. This is because according to him the time of the eruption on the Santorini Island does not match the time Plato indicated that the Atlantis was destroyed.

Romm, however, have firm belief that the primary reason that Plato created the story of the lost city of Atlantis was to help convey his philosophical theories. He says that Plato was dealing directly with issues and themes that were relevant in his line of work. These works of his included the divine verses mankind nature ideas and the gradually growing corruption of the human society. Therefore, the Atlantis story acted as a vehicle of getting to his favorite themes.

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