Essay on Nike's Gender Pay Gap: Lawsuit Implications & Analysis

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Date:  2023-04-24

Research on an article from media regarding a lawsuit against an organization close to compensation. Summarize the issue at hand and give your opinion about the problem, the law, and how the organization is addressing the problem?

Four women filed a case in a federal court, which claimed that Nike had gone against the Equal Pay Act. It was through gender pay isolation and ignorance of sexual assault among women (Newman et al., 2016b). The four women who worked for the company said that they were paid less as compared to the male who they are working within the same company, but they performed the same task. They also complained about receiving smaller bonuses and fewer promotions, which were likely to happen. The women complained about a demeaning work environment as well as an abusive on too. Women are not about sexual assaults that they reported to be from their co-workers and supervisor who used vulgar languages and discussed many women's creations.

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The company is addressing the issues by ensuring there are staff shakeups and the removal of top executives to check on the company's method of hiring and paying levels. The company has organized training for managers that was a must for all the managers to reinforce functions of honesty, togetherness, and respect for all the members. They also increased their investment in leadership training and accountability, they have focused on training and programming the company's culture. The company used an appropriate way to handle the issue starting from top managers to junior employees through training that could help the company.


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