Live Safe; Live Healthy: Managing Chronic Diseases to Reduce Healthcare Costs - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-13


To live a pleasant and comfortable life, every individual ought to ensure maximum hygienic measures for safety purposes concerning healthcare for all (Dean, & Keith, (2012). The ways of reducing healthcare costs include establishing mitigating measures for managing chronic diseases such as obstructive pulmonary diseases, diabetes, heart failures, deadly malaria and tuberculosis. Informed choices should be made for proper control of such diseases. There is a need to adhere to best hygiene practices to reduce the costs of incurring extra expenses when affected by the diseases. Various organizations are also spreading messages of concern that a need for necessary health for great significance. This paper, therefore, provides a reflection of some of the ways of trying to reduce health costs through the control of chronic diseases based on the author's article.

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Business intelligence, such as having health records that are electronically situated, is one way of controlling chronic diseases. Having electronic health records leads to better management of a population of patients, and it also assists in the formation of registers for chronic disease is indicated (Dean & Keith 2012). This helps to sort patients affected with various conditions; this makes it easier for organizations when submitting the reports to the concerned ministry. The need for having health insurance cover to gather for the extra cost that could have been incurred has also been identified as the best way of mitigating the health risk (Dean & Keith 2012). People should obtain insurance cover from insuring companies since when one is affected by chronic diseases, and insurance companies will gather for it. This method is directly effective since one is required to pay a little sum of money to those companies, and in return, much will be spent on them.

Dean & Keith (2012) focused on the need to recognized functions brought on by coordinating nurses towards the management of chronic diseases. Claims are that a lot of evidence has emerged on the roles subjected by care nurses. Embedded nurse coordinators can manage chronic diseases by ensuring that correct prescriptions are in place, and proper medications are put in place. This has help patients manage the dosage carefully for the comfort of their health. Embedded nurses have also checked patients and established correct recordings that will help these nurses determine which diet is proper for patients who have diabetes since people with diabetes have to be provided with the right food that will help them reduce the problem.

The nurse care coordinators have also controlled chronic diseases by encouraging patients with diabetes to go for regular check-ups for daily checks of their blood sugar level. They have also aid in patient interactions; this will make patients feel not stigmatized and feel recovering. Dean & Keith (2012) also outlined that the other ways to manage chronic diseases are to involve parties such as hospitals to focus on providing chronic disease patients with a lot of care, for example, by collecting health and clinical information.


In summary, to overcome chronic diseases to reduce health costs, one has to focused on proper hygiene maintenance. For example, typhoid is caused by drinking all times dirty water, and if one stays away from drinking dirty, he is safe. This is adequate hygiene. People should also visit their nearest hospitals and dispensaries for proper counselling on various diseases, and therefore health is crucial for human beings. To put it into considerations, those patients who cannot afford medication health organizations such as World Health Organizations ought to step in for improvement of the health sector. There is also the need for various governmental bodies to respond faster following eruptions of any disease like the deadly coronavirus that has subjected many lives to the death.


Dean, C. C, & Keith D. M, (2012) reducing healthcare costs through better chronic disease management

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