Paper Example on Altruistic Love Leads to Happier Marriages

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Date:  2023-02-12

The article Altruistic Love Related to Happier Marriages has demonstrated that altruism makes people have happy marriages. It has demonstrated that people who are less concerned with their good but that of the other people rarely have problems in their marriages (Britt). Altruistic people choose to suffer than the individuals they love to undergo some difficulties. It is through this sacrifice that these people end up having a good marriage since their focus on making the other partner happier than oneself. Men are highly ranked to be altruistic than women because they take to be heroic and act as a protector (Britt). Therefore, when men care and sacrifice for women they love, they end up creating happy marriages since the wives are happy, and in return, they may demonstrate some element of altruism too.

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According to my observation, I agree that altruism contributes to happy marriages. It is the selflessness of an individual that may make the other to be happy and feel that he or she needs to continue being in a love relationship with the partner. Selfishness leads to the collapse of marriages since one may not consider the interest of the other, and hence conflicts may arise. However, I also feel that respect, signs of appreciation, communication, trust and having time for each other among the partners supplement altruism in the creation of a happy marriage. A partner needs to respect the other after he or she has demonstrated the acts of altruism. An individual should not exploit or misuse the other because he or she is altruistic. On the same, appreciation of the efforts of the altruistic person motivates him or her to continue with the selfless acts which create even happier marriage. Additionally, communication helps in the creation of healthy relationship since lovers can talk about arising issues and come up with solutions. Furthermore, I believe that trusting one another makes either of the partners to have faith that the other one is concerned about the success of the marriage and takes action that matches the same. Finally, I have the opinion that spending together among the married people increase their bond and hence a happy marriage.

Based on the ideas from both the article and my opinion, it is evident that the major factors that determine a happy marriage are altruism, respect, and appreciation. Individuals need to embrace altruism, where they are more concerned with the happiness of the other partners rather than their own. The selflessness makes the partners live happily and appreciate the efforts of the others. Additionally, it is crucial to appreciate the efforts of the other partners and also treat them with respect for a happy marriage. Furthermore, having time for each other and communication leads to a happy marriage because it increases the bond among the partners and assists in solving issues respectively. Finally, it is evident the trust leads to a happy marriage since either of the partners believe that the other one takes decisions that are focused towards the welfare of the marriage.

Work Cited

Britt, Robert. "Altruistic Love Related To Happier Marriages". Livescience.Com, 2006, Accessed 19 Sept 2019.

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