Academic Integrity: A Path to Becoming a Successful Leader - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-16


I thought that academic integrity entails doing the correct thing in academic activities. I knew that academic integrity is observed through upholding the policies set for academic honesty, which have been set by the institution. I also had the knowledge that academic integrity has the benefit of making someone become trusted by others as one is reliable in acting honestly. Academic integrity usually contributes to the building of successful leaders given that a leader requires to be trusted by the people being led.

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I have ever tempted to use a contracted website. Most of the contracted websites are connected to low quality and lack of accreditation. I fear that if I earn a degree from the school having no accreditation may lead me to end up acquiring a worthless degree which will make me be less prepared for the workforce. The other thing that makes me not become tempted to using contracted websites is the fact that they are associated with intense requirements for self-discipline. To stay on top of my work, organization and time management skills become an issue.

Before embracing an online tutoring tool, there is a need for looking for a quality maintenance check. A team of administration in the online tutoring websites requires being involved in the quality maintenance regulation for offering the best services for learners. It is crucial to consider the quality of tutors. The team of tutors who are responsible for administering education must be the best of the group with their quality maintenance, veteran experience and innovative efforts in their respective fields. Such kind of tutors may bring out the best outputs for the students who choose to learn under them. The other factor to be considered when embracing a tutoring website it long term survival in the market. When the tutoring company has stood the e-learning test of time and it has successfully secured proven success records with imparting of education to many students, then it showcases reliability and survival in the field.

Homework assistance websites promote academic dishonesty by assuming that the students who seek their help know which behaviors are considered cheating and which are not. The homework assistance website normally expects students to learn from the mistakes that they make unless there is someone facilitating that kind of learning.

Most of the cases involving academic dishonesty usually occur as a result of having the students not knowing the correct way of doing something. Students may avoid academic dishonesty by reading the syllabus carefully. The students should look forward to seeking clarification from their instructors concerning the class policies whenever the expectations of the give assignments are not clear. Students may also avoid academic dishonesty by always assuming that they are expected to independently complete the assigned tasks unless it is indicated otherwise by the instructor.

The consequences of the violation of CSU's Academic Integrity Policy may be very serious including suspension and expulsion from the institution. The violation may result in requiring the students redoing the assignment with the reduced grade, assigning of students with a failing grade for the given assignment, and assigning the students with a failing grade for the class.

In the future, to avoid violation of academic integrity, I will not allowing sharing of their assignment with others. This may be achieved by having the students having good time management which enables them to contact their teachers in case they have questions.

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