Literature Review on Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Between Nurses

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Date:  2021-04-26

Chapter Summary

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This chapter introduces you to the systematic literature review on verbal and non-verbal communication between nurses at the handoff. The systematic literature review was conducted using specific search terms that were related to the study topic. Through the literature selection process, some articles and abstracts were reviewed, and the best articles that met the quality were used for the study. The following part of the chapter discusses on result findings from the selected article based on the inclusion criteria.


The search terms used for the systematic literature review were: the handover standards in the nursing practice, verbal and non-verbal communications between nurses at handover, problems encountered by nurses during patient handover from the ambulatory care, communication and documentation of the patient at handover. Additional search terms included health care act on patient safety during handover, patient safety act and the impact of poor communication concerning patient handover.

Search No./ Date / Search terms / Database / Hits / Abstracts read / Article read / Chosen articles

SNr. 1 / 4th-6-2017 / Verbal and non-verbal communications between nurses at handover / NCBI USA / 14 Peer reviewed journals / 10 Abstracts / 8 Articles / 5 Articles

SNr. 2 / 4th-6-2017 / Improving the hospital clinical handover / Medscape NCBI Childrens Hospital Association AAMC / 24 Peer reviewed articles / 15 Abstracts read /10 Articles read / 5 Articles

SNr. 3 / 4th-6-2017 / Handover standards in the nursing practice / Griffith University RCN / 10 peer reviewed articles / 10 abstracts / 8 Articles read/ 2 Articles

SNr.4 4th-6-2017 / Problems encountered by nurses during patient handover from the ambulatory care / Wiley Online Library Cochrane Library / 6 peer review Journals / 8 Abstracts Read / 6 Articles Read / 2 Articles

SNr. 5 / 4th-6-2017 / Communication and documentation of the patient at handover / MJA DOI National Clinical Guide / 10 Peer reviewed Journals / 8 Abstracts / 6 Articles / 3 Articles

Selection procedure


From the articles gathered below, they were analyzed according to the study objectives and aims. From the analysis, below are the results;

Author, Year, Country & Database / Purpose / Design / Participants / Results / Quality

1 Casey A, Wallis A (2011). London.

Database: RCN

The purpose of this study was to give an analysis of the effectiveness of communication during handover through documentation. Descriptive Study. 0 From the study, the researcher found that accurate timely and concise communication in reporting is a safe and effective practice for nurses. High

2 Chaboyer, W., (March 17, 2011).

Australia. Griffith University

The purpose of this article was to provide a descriptive analysis concerning the patient handover by focusing on its definition, resources used during the patient handover, improving handover, and patient involvement in handover process. Descriptive study. 0 The finding according to the researcher is that the major factor that contributes to adverse events during the patient handover is miscommunication. Patient handover process is an international concern for nurses. Evidence-based practice is implemented to change the current practice on handover. Bedside handover is the best practice which reflects the patient-centered approach care. High

3 Colvin, M., O., Eisen, L., A., & Gong, M., (2016).


Database: Medscape

The purpose of this study was to give a reflection on the importance of the patient handoff process and to examine the overall problem encountered during handoffs. Provision of an updated version of the handoff process. And identification of effective ways of performing handoffs in an accurate and safe manner. Descriptive study 0 From the study, the description conclusion states that patient handoffs are the cause of numerous challenges in health care concerning the nursing practice and they require improvement regarding their quality. Handoff strategies have contributed to the reduction of medical errors and also they have improved on patient outcome. For an effective quality of handoff process, nurses should all be aware of the impact of poor patient handoff. Concerning the ICU, an effective handoff communication is very critical. High

4. Croke, E., & Breen D., (November 11, 2015).



The purpose of this study paper was to give an illustration of the effective clinical handover and it can be enabled to through clear procedures and supportive environment. Another focus was the impact of educating staffs on handover and patient safety. Literature analysis 0 Following the literature analysis, the research stipulated that effective handover is essential in reducing inappropriate and delayed treatment for the patient. The risks associated with clinical patient handover have contributed to the loss of trust and confidence amongst the patients. Staff education and inter-professional communication in handover have improved the patient safety during and handover process. Medium

5. Eggins, S., & Slade, (November 17, 2015).


Database: PubMed.

The purpose of the study was to address the structure of the patient handoff protocol. The study purpose was narrowed down to patient-centered communication in handover, the meaning of patient-centered communication, and the effect of patient-centered communication during handover on patient health. Empirical Study 829 samples A structured handover protocol helps the care providers with the essential information that is gathered and organized to minimize the expected interruptions. Handover guidelines are essential in understanding the entire interactions involved in patient handover. High

6. Friesen, A., M., White, S., V., & Byers, J., F., (2013).


Database: NCBI

The purpose of this study was to give a descriptive analysis of the essential information that is required for the care of the patient in healthcare during handoff. Additionally, the description has focused on the effect of effective handoffs in adverse events and patient safety.

Descriptive study 0 The conclusion of the descriptive analysis is that there is need to first understand what a handoff, the problem in the current practice, and strategies implemented for effective patient management during patient handoff is. In handoff, a process of verification is needed for quality handoff. Documentation is essential when carrying out a handoff process. High

7. Jorm, C., M., White, S., & Kaneen, T., (2009).


Database: MJA

The purpose of this article was to illustrate the importance of proper communication at handover including avoiding wrong treatment and delays. Another major focus is the standardization of the handover practice. Descriptive Analysis 0 Concerning the conclusion of the article, the following implications were made: Without proper communication during the handover process, there can arise some problem like wrong treatment, repetitive diagnosis, and mistaken readmissions. Developing an evidence-based practice on quality and safety is an alternative to mitigate the poor outcomes arising from poor handover. High

8. Logsdon, T., (July 13, 2014).


The purpose of this study was to reduce handoff-related failures in 23 children hospitals through collaboration with Childrens Hospital Association. Descriptive study 24 After implementing the new handoff process to the 23 Hospitals, there was an improvement in patient safety. The nursing High

9. Manias, et al., (2015).

Database: Wiley online Library.

The purpose of this study was to examine the perspectives of different care providers concerning clinical handover. Prospective, Cross-sectional design 707 The results of the study stated that there are some complex barriers that hinder the process and conduct of effective handovers. Some of the barriers include lack of proper training, lack of practice models, and lack of proper understanding about the handover process. High

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