Literary Realism and Distortion in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Essay

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Date:  2022-11-04

Literary realism and distortion are two different perceptions that most authors use all the time for varied reasons. The reality in distortion provides the reader an insight into how the characters in a book perceive things and what inspires the readers. It presents the incidence of bias in their opinions and their beliefs. While the advantages of both distortion and literary realism are essential, they often prove to provide a deeper understanding of what the authors mean in writing. Literacy realism being a faithful representation of art sets as the best way to present any works of art and thus giving the precise meaning to its readers. Distortion on the hand shows a bright outlook on literacy and tries to provide a different differing approach through more compelling to influence the reader to have a more in-depth view of the plan.

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In the novel Great Expectations, by one Charles Dickens expressively applies literary distortion for the sole reason of driving central thematic concerns. Dickens brings out the understanding that loyalty serves a higher purpose than wealth. Moreover, the characters in his work are seemingly very unrealistic yet presented to take on the plot along and in connecting the characters in a meaningful manner. Dickens uses distortion to introduce the thrilling theme that morality and loyalty are essential than financial or social class standing. Despite presenting his character Magwitch as "a man with broken shoes, and with an old rag tied around his head... who limped and shivered" the character who is poor goes on to gaining his wealth and success only to present them to one pip. Dickens shows the view of distortion where he gives the acts of loyalty to be more potent than wealth and richness. It is an act that differs from critical realism as they all offer different ideologies on the same thematic concern.

When something is seemingly so simple, it looks like it has no needed thinking to be done. It thus becomes difficult for them to do simple tasks since the human race are used to doing difficult things. In the Flannery O'Conner's novel, the author tries to bring out the problematic situations and those confusing in which are seemingly the best way to make things visible to human beings. The author illustrates that most people try to make the difficult case over matters which aren't supposed to be so disturbing in the first place. In the works from Underground, some themes are expressed of the human psyche. (Abrams, M H, and Geoffrey Harpham, 23)

Destruction and the fear of accomplishing a thing are some of the examples that human race faces in their daily quest. In this particular work, the underground man is seemingly mentally ill, and despite that, he was well educated and made very candid points in his actions. The author tries to bring out the aspect of suffering in that whenever one is in pain; quoting the Odyssey novel "most cities of men that he saw and learned their minds, many pains he suffered, heartsick on the open sea." It is an illustration of pain and suffering that most human race comes through in the daily endeavor and that makes them see the realness of life. Human race becomes compassionate, thus concluding that human race loves to suffer. (Greiner, Rae,34)

It is a compelling factor that is different from the literary realism of humanity. Its theory comes to the analogy of distortion that it being the only way that people would such issues. Crookedness and cunningness which people mostly view as dangerous. However, in the underground novel, the characters express their points without necessarily having to commit to such matters. The other conflicting conception to analyze is the love of destruction including having accomplishments of a project. Usually, the human race feels great by having completed a specific set task in the lives. In the meantime, while awaiting the results of their commitment; they seem to engage in other leisure activities that subject them to their actions. It is at this time that the fear of finishing the task sets. The mindset of having completed their task comes.

Distortion is deemed to make the human race see the real aspect of human life and the realism of activities. It tends to bring out the realness in life. Dickens perfectly applies distortion in his works by bringing out the high expectations and the confusing nature of human endeavors. Dickens presents his cartoonist characters to offer the quality of human integrity and realness in the most critical way. It is a presentation of human race in a crueler manner and difficult situation but in the best way to make it look and sound real to the face of the human race.


Literary realism and distortion are two very compelling and distinct factors that literary texts and novels have tried to bring out in their writings. Distortion is an ideology that more disturbingly and cruelly tends to bring out the realness of life and makes it easier for the human race to experience life easier. Literary realism, on the other hand, is an approach that presents art more truly and distinctly different from distortion because of their different perception on the view and understanding of life.

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