Essay on The Ferryman: Act 3 Scene - A Thatcher-Era Guerrilla War

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Date:  2023-01-16

The Ferryman is a a play by Jezz Butterworth which is divided into scenes (Butterworth, 2017). This paper presents a scene in the Act three of the plays. The scene is based on the Thatcher era, which is currently facing guerrilla warfare in Northern Ireland against the Crown. It involves the interaction between several characters, including Muldoon, who is joined by Malone and Magennis. They meet Mr. Horrigan in Derry back alley who they inform about Seamus Carney who previously died whose body was found in the peat bog. They question him about the brother of the deceased. Threats arise in a palpable form how in an unspoken manner. The occurrence at this point set the activities and the subsequent interactions, which take place throughout the scene.

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When the scene begins, it is very late at night when the Corcoran and the Carney boys meet and start telling stories. Besides, they also show interest in other activities; they drink and sing. Shane Corcoran, one of the boys, begins to brag concerning having done IRA jobs for the Muldoon. On this note, Shane suggests that the Carneys serve as slackers in the war. Shane continues to address Oisin and informs him that that he had seen Tom Kettle. He asserted that he was proposing to Caitlin, and he suggests some hints towards killing Tom, who was an Englishman. He has been of late planning to kill the Englishman using an old pistol that Aunt Pat has kept under her bed.

Within the same scene, Fr. Horrigan enters and appears to cause commotion in the place. It seems that he has been sent by another person to create pressure on the boys he finds at the given point. The situation unfolds Horrigan has been commissioned by Muldoon to instill fear on Quinn. He is featured telling Quinn that he is already in love with Caitlin. He emphasized that she, Caitlin, has officially confessed her feelings of affection for him.

Moreover, Quinn and Mary meet and meet and interact, which contributes to the continuity of the scene. They talk about talking about their relationship, which is subjected to many problems. As a result, they refer to their relationship as that which is strained. They also observe the love between Caitlin and Quinn, whereby they realize that two are safe since they have confessed mutual love between them. On this note, Caitlin and is however worried begs Quinn to continue the relationship with Muldoon. At that time, Muldoon and his company reaches, which saw Quinn agreeing to keep quiet as long as Muldoon accepts tp, leave them alone. However, Muldoon appears difficult and demands that Caitlin and Oisin have to move into Derry where they are expected to live under his supervision. This creates further chaos since Quinn is against the opinion and insists that it will not happen.

The next event sees Tom coming in a while, carrying Oisin's body. It becomes clear that Oisin entered his cabin intending to kill him using Pat's pistol. However, Tom managed to strangle him and killed him. The scene is at the climax in which the whole family is now aroused. Shane, who is dead drunk talks of Muldoon's business which provokes Caitlin who picks up a razor and threatens to harm Muldoon but Quinn's intervention saves the situation. Suddenly, Quinn decided to slit Muldoon's throat and shoots Magennis with the pistol. This reaction is a way through which he avenges Seamus's death, and he becomes more dangerous, which implies that he has the potential to harm anyone who may get near him.


Butterworth, J. (2017). The ferryman (1st ed.). London: Nick Hern Books Limited.

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