Literary Analysis Essay on W.E.B. DuBois "Souls of the Black Folk"

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Date:  2022-04-28


WEB Dubois's "The Souls of the Black Folk" focuses on revealing the true nature of African American life from their own perspective. The book is written in the first person giving it a much more genuine look. The Souls of the Black Folk is the greatest and perhaps most under-read African-American books of the 20th century. Du Bois offers an analysis of race, which remains as relevant as it was a century ago in the United States. His prescription in curbing racial gap and divide in achievement between European -Americans and African -Americans is a blend of higher education and political involvement. This will result in the building up of a cultural heritage, by African-Americans, from the already existing primitive roots so as to become a part of the American life's mainstream.

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DuBois describes uniquely the true meaning of life as an African American. The use of essays brings to light the everyday agony that African Americans undergo as it enables the readers to understand the message vividly. The essays talk about Dubois' different experiences as in detail. Each essay describes a dissimilar experience. Even so, all the essays revert back to the key topic. Unequal treatment of African Americans. His presence in the major events determining the way African Americans are treated makes him an incredibly strong source when considering the African American history.

European Americans have always viewed African Americans differently. This makes their lives difficult especially when living in a white colored skin dominated society. DuBois, throughout his book consistently refers to European Americans categorizing African Americans as problems. Ever since they came to live in a white people dominated civilization, African Americans have been treated unfairly. DuBois makes it clear that the black folks are aware of this unequal treatment. While describing life's difficulties of being treated unfairly, he states that African Americans in no way deserve to be treated as they were and as such should not be treated unfairly. The quote " does it feel to be a problem...?" connects with the reader as it makes them think from a first person's point of view.

The Souls of the Black Folk stresses on access to liberal education. Unfortunately, African American education situation has not improved. DuBois's emphasis on this point shows how powerful it is but regrettably, it has become more challenging for not only African Americans but also for Americans in general to receive the liberal education. DuBois's model of education for leaders and thinkers has been overlooked and instead focus has been channeled to college and career readiness type of education.

DuBois's 'Souls of the Black Folk' is a controversial book, which stirs discussions on the African American behavior and treatment as well the racism factor in the United States. The book is DuBois' effort to reveal the humanity and identity of the back folk by appealing to the readers' intellect through plain common sense and social science. The book has endured the test of time due to the beauty of its graceful lyrical prose and also since DuBois's assessments were attainable, numerous and truthful. His observations and poetic tongue created the literary masterpiece, The Souls of the Black Folk.

DuBois being a scholar and an intellectual sought to celebrate African American contributions to society as well as fight for their basic human rights. Souls of the black folk address these issues through airing them to the public and more so through seeking the audience's intellect on the same. DuBois uses his book to advocate for equality between the black and the white folk. He calls for justice and fairness for all. The Souls of the Black Folk addresses normal African American everyday problems. The challenges that come with their skin color and the pain they undergo just for being African American. He was determined to aid African American folk during his time.


When reading the book, I put myself in the African American shoes and felt the unfair treatment that DuBois describes. His use of the word "problem" as European American referred to the black people is effective since the word itself is highly demeaning in a general overview and even more hurtful when directed to an individual. No one should be referred to as a problem due to their race as they do not choose their skin color. African American people did not deserve this in any way.

WEB DuBois was successful in revealing the feelings of African American people regarding poor and unequal treatment. Using essays to communicate the desired message proved to be the best approach DuBois took as it makes the audience be a part of the hardships that he and the rest of the black folk went through. African Americans were considered a problem since the European Americans chose to believe so. Unfortunately, prevention of racial segregation is virtually impossible. DuBois's collection of essays, however, reminds us that even though we may choose to treat others unfairly when we are treated the same way we are unhappy and therefore we should treat others the way we expect to be treated. DuBois successfully makes his readers understand the feeling of being treated unfairly as African Americans were. Souls of the Black Folk summarizes concisely the lives of African American people.

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