Resistance in 'The Moon is Down' Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

To the people, freedom and democracy are way much bigger than fear. Depriving people of liberty or violating their democracy is bound to trigger resistance. People unite to fight against oppression despite the individual effects that impact the people individually in order to get rid of the oppressors trying to take away the working of a free democracy and their freedom as well.

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In Steinbeck's book, The Moon is Down, he encourages and supports the resistance of Norwegian citizens against their oppressors. He gives the people inspiration to fight on until they have peace and freedom. Through this fictional work of art, Steinbeck raised the spirits of those who were under the Nazi rule that brought darkness wherever it settled. However, it is clear that resistance can only be achieved when the people are united. 'the flies have conquered the flypaper.' This words from Steinbeck describe the unity of the resisting people and patriotic Norwegian underground that helped them hold their ground against the oppressors. However, like every scenario, there was a lost soul amidst the crowd, a traitor amongst the townspeople. George Corell, the traitor, and backstabber who is hungry for power approach colonel Lanser wanting to be crowned mayor. He is ready to betray his people for power. This puts him in the crossfires between the townspeople and the invaders.

The invasion, though fairly bloodless at first, with the aim of forcing the people to work in the coal mines deals with the town's leaders with dignity. The existence of the invaders is the basis of the story, and they provide insight into the nature of war. It outlines that good always outshines evil, and good, in this case, is a democracy while evil/bad is totalitarianism. After their arrival, events transpire, and all are measured in the resistance with which people react to it. Colonel Lanser (commander of the oppressors) tries to use the mayor, Orden, to calm the people down and get them working in the mines but the mayor of the people is determined to abide by the will of his people. This illustrates Orden 's patriotism towards his people. Resistance is evident from the leaders.

The focus of the people's resistance was something more profound. With every person (from the child building a snowman caricature to the mayor) as a figure of sacrifice, the cause of freedom and resistance would endure. Due to this, when captain Bentick is killed when he intervenes in a disagreement between a soldier and a miner. The mayor defends Alex, stating that he had not committed a crime against his people. However, Alex has to be convicted and hanged. This does not clam down the situation. On the contrary, it stirs up a revolt in the town with a cold disobedience settling down.

War can break people but also build them simultaneously. After execution of Alex, Annie and Molly become close. This results in a plot to flee that later includes the Ander brothers and the mayor. They put their heads together to form a retaliation against the oppressors. These events later lead to the murder of Tonder by molly with knitting scissors.

The Ander brothers contact the English requesting offensive and defensive weapons. A few weeks later, planes fly over the town dropping packages. These packages contain chocolate and dynamite for the towns people. This unites the people again, collecting the packages and hiding them from Lanser's soldiers. This leads to the mayor and doctor's arrest to intimidate the town's people and to deplete the air of rebellion. 'they know that ten heads lopped off will destroy them, but we are free people, we have as many heads as we have people, and in time of need, leaders popup among us like mushrooms' these words from Steinbeck articulate resistance. The mayor, who was seemed uncertain at first, has evolved from wanting to please the invaders to joining his townspeople in resistance against them. Judging from the past, I think that he has the weight of trying and convicting Alex hanging on his shoulders.

"I have no choice of living or dying, you see, sir, but I do have a choice of how I do it. If I tell them not to fight, they will be sorry, but they will fight. If I tell them to fight, they will be glad, and I who am not a very brave man will have made them a little braver." In this section of the book, Orden realizes that there is a greater resistance struggle within the town's people and he defines himself as the cause of the resistance. In this regard, his words to the colonel, Lanser, are those of a leader who has accepted his fate.

The moon does not seem to go down in the fight for freedom and democracy. This means that the fight will continue even after the mayor makes the ultimate sacrifice for the townspeople, reciting the Socrates' Apology. All the facts in the book revolve around resistance. Resistance is, therefore, the core of the entire book.

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