The Floral Part of the Enterprise, Gibbs Model and Role in a Team Essay

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Date:  2022-05-17

The first aspect is the description of the manager introducing us to the floral part of the company. We were five team members who encountered the "Sow n Grow" project that is focused on horticulture. It consists of individuals with disabilities and learning problems gaining the basics of gardening. The organization uses different stakeholders to train these individuals on how to use skills in horticulture to improve their wellbeing.

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My analysis of the project was that it was meant to provide individuals who have different learning challenges or are disabled an opportunity to gain a skill they can use in life. Horticulture is a helpful tool in aiding those with learning disabilities to cope with everyday challenges. It is therapeutic because it puts the individuals at ease and reduces aspects such as irritability, anxiety, social dysfunction, and extreme sensitivity to factors around them. The manager explained the actions of weeding, cultivating, thinning, and watering flowers as having a calming effect that can be quite impactful among people with disability. Moreover, it generates a sense of dignity and fulfilment that enables these individuals to adjust better to their emotional and social functions. Our team learnt the floral aspects of this company with awe and admiration as the manager walked us through the tremendous improvement showcased through horticulture. I came to understand the social enterprise as a responsibility that individuals have to impact others Just like Integrate Preston & Chorley was doing.

Using the Gibbs model, I can decipher that I was emotionally connected to the project. I have never experienced so much warmth and love in one setting. I felt warm looking at how the horticultural aspect initiated by the company was changing lives. My team and I agreed that even though the project seemed very simple, it generated monumental changes in the lives of the participants. The best aspect about the experience was being part of a team and gaining knowledge about how simple aspects like gardening can change lives. As a team, we learnt the importance of social networks and strong bonds as showcased through the volunteers and those they helped. The worst part of the experience was that it was short-lived. All in all, my team and I discovered the role that horticulture can play in the lives of individuals. We came to the conclusion that people with disability need to be part of something that enables them to feel dignified. The project was an act of kindness that gave them a sense of responsibility that is very important to their overall wellbeing. The social enterprise is part of the social responsibility that everyone has towards the society. For instance, Integrate Preston & Chorley was making sure that people with learning disabilities can play a role in the society. Even though everyone cannot create a social enterprise, being part of it is also very important and is applicable through aspect like volunteering. My team members and I agreed that we would volunteer more within the social enterprise as a result of our visit.

Integration of all the information of the members

Part of my role in the team was to integrate all the information that the members provided. All of us had a role to play in ensuring that this project came out well and served its intention. Therefore, we divided responsibilities that we would do together and also individually to ensure the project was a success. The members decided that i would integrate all the information into a report that is cohesive.

My analysis of this role is that it served well in the concept of teamwork. I did not complain because all of us had easy and equally challenging tasks. I embraced the role bestowed upon me and sought to ensure the report reflected the hard work that every member had contributed towards its completion. The task in itself was not easy since i had to ensure that every piece fit together. I needed to arrange everything in a chronological manner and ensure that the report appeared in a chronological manner and was cohesive enough for an outside party to follow. The same meant that I had to correct errors and put everything into the perspective before completing the report. The experience taught me about the importance of teamwork and playing one's role in it. I came to understand that when everyone works together and partakes in their duties, the overall product is perfect, just like the report was.

Using the Gibb's model of reflection, I can affirm that I was feeling quite proud of my team and what we accomplished after we turned in the report. I felt proud of how we came together and learnt about the difference we can make in the world. I was happy when we finished the project and it was perfect because of out communication, ability to carry out roles and responsibility effectively, and knowing the strengths and weaknesses each one of us has. The negative aspect about the experience was ensuring all the information given by the members made sense together. The best aspect of the experience was working together to ensure we attained our goal as a team. From the situation, I learnt that teamwork is the ability to maximise the individual differences among the members and use them to attain the goals of the team. All in all, we learnt the values of a social enterprise and responsibility as a team.


Another one of my responsibilities was to generate references for the report. I had to ensure that the references reflected everything we had in the report. I looked at academic databases, the company website, and libraries for information about horticulture and learning disabilities. The process was smooth as there is a wealth of information on the subject.

The process of looking for references was not as turbulent as the rest of my roles. I used the information I had acquired from the volunteers and managers at the organization to develop god references.

I found the process fulfilling since I knew i was carrying out my role as part of the team. The other members seemed happy when i showed them the final product of our hard work. Everyone carried out their role with diligence as we soon had a report that we felt confident would earn as good points. Most importantly, we learnt to work effectively together. Our teamwork worked because we delegated duties individually and worked on the important aspects together. The result was that everyone applied their strengths into the completion of the project.

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