Letter to W.E.B DuBois Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-06

Dear W.E.B DuBois,

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Dear W.E.B DuBois for a long time I have held myself back waiting for the perfect moment to write this letter to you. Since birth, I have had the privilege of watching as you led the voice of African Americans in activism and fought for their rights within the United States. I have also witnessed as you struggled to bring to an end the mistreatment and discrimination of the black community within the society and you remain a great hero and inspiration to the nation and me at large. Am not sure of the efforts people put in appreciating you during your own time, but I would like to take this chance to thank you for all the great deeds you did to enable us to achieve the dream of a modern, peaceful society.

To this day every time I think of activists that existed, you're the first person to come to mind and am sure this is the case to people who are aware of the of the American history. The movements, writings, and speeches you gave still play a significant role within the society inspiring the young and upcoming leaders, guiding those who are already leaders and promoting awareness among all groups of essential factors such as fairness, the negative impact of discrimination and equality among the community. Facts show me that you are a hero who during his time was not at all welcoming to compromise. You never gave up on fighting for the civil rights of African Americans within the society for their civil rights and their right to have a say in the voting process. Your books and speeches educated people of their importance and reasons as to why they need to stand up and fight for what they rightfully deserve as human beings.

Thousands died during the activism era, but through the actions, you took you proved that dead or alive their lives matter and every human no matter what color he or she is or what tribe he comes from has a right to enjoy equal rights and justice within the community. Much has been said concerning your career as an activist, but little appreciation has been shown concerning the bold and risky steps you made to make this country a better place. The support offered by leaders like you is what has enabled the country to be where it is currently end helped us to get rid of corrupt and paralyzed politicians within the government.


Your encouragement played a significant role in resolving and taking the bold action to take to the streets and keep on demanding for our rights despite the challenges and harsh conditions we were exposed to. You enabled us to fight and lead our nations into the new era, an era free from discrimination, an age of peace, love, harmony, equality, and justice by proving that all lives matter. Your voice made a big difference and continued to impact itself within the society by enabling the people to achieve a transparent and honest climate in politics as well as a fair and equal co-existence within the community. As a great leader, you will forever remain embedded in our hearts, and the deeds you did for the society will remain known till the end of time.

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