Education Is the Secret Key: Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-04-02


It is true that the holocaust was a horrible period for Jews. There were a few Jews who survived this nightmare. Every survivor has a remarkable story of how the events unfolded during that period. However, the moving story of Tibor Hollo is still lingering in my mind to date. His narrative explains the pain which different holocaust survivors endured in different situations and ways. But most importantly it highlights the bravery, determination, and the hope which the holocaust survivors had in the midst of horror. So what gave the holocaust survivors hope in that horrible situation? Well, you will be shocked to discover that education played a huge role in their lives after their survival. I understand that you are a little bit confused and most probably you are trying to join the dots of how education has been integrated into this situation. Now sit still and allow me to take you through the journey of a holocaust survivor Tibor Hollo who in many aspects education helped him survived the terrible ordeal.

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Tibor Hollo is a holocaust survivor who turned to be a real-estate developer and has helped build Miami. In fact, he is seen by his friends and peers as one of the Miami's true visionaries. In 2017, Tibor Hollo was the winner of Leonard Baker Lifetime Achievement Award; he was rewarded because of his exceptional philanthropic endeavors, community leadership, and lifetime contributions that have transformed the Miami community. Some of the questions lingering on our minds right now are, how a holocaust survivor did grow to become one of the Miami's most innovative visionaries. Well, worry no more there is only one secret to his success. A secret which many people know but they usually overlook it. And this secret is education.

One of the most amazing Tibor Hollo's quotes is that "Education defines you, take advantage and educate yourself it is the best thing anyone can do" Did you hear that? Now let us take a moment and digest it. When we think of education knowledge gain is the first thing that comes to our minds. It is important to know that education gives us a knowledge of the environment around us and transforms it into something better. Moreover, it assists us to build opinions and have points of view on things in life. Approximately sixty years ago, Tibor Hollo forged a path for the future by developing the very first high-rise building on Rivergate Plaza. The concept of playing, working, and living in the urban areas had been a long dream for Tibor Hollo. But education helped him bring to life his dream through his many developments, particularly in the Brickell corridor and Omni/Venetia region. Some of Mr. Hollo's notable projects in Miami include a huge number of key high-rise commercial, residential, and mixed-use buildings including The Grand/Venetia, Opera Tower, and Panorama Tower which is the tallest building in Florida. It is evident that his vision and dream has taken shape on a wider scale, as seen by the excitement and growth permeating the regions in and surrounding beautiful Downtown. Furthermore, Tibor Hollo has been an active member of many community organizations including serving on Florida's task force on housing and community affairs. It is essential to know that this achievement has been possible because of education which Mr. Hollo gained after the Holocaust. Just like the way Nelson Mandela argued that "education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world" It is obvious that education is the only thing that can eliminate environmental problems, unemployment, and corruption.

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