Letter to the Writing Course Instructor Paper Example

Paper Type:  Creative writing
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Date:  2022-11-06

To the Course Instructor,

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I would like to begin by thanking you for the knowledge you have imparted in me this semester. Before going into this semester, my goal was to learn how to express myself and write as coherently as possible. I have always struggled with the synthesis of ideas into an articulate piece that can be understood by any audience. Hence, my hope was to learn how I could use the information at my disposal to create a piece of work that reflects my ideas and is coherent enough to communicate my intentions. I always thought that writing was a talent that could not be learned. I perceived it as something that only a few people who have a way with words could do. Therefore, I thought I would only restrict myself to writing whenever it was necessary. Going into this semester, I only wanted to learn what was necessary to enable my communication through writing. I did not think of this course as a development initiative that would have a lot of improvements to my writing. I also thought of writing as a difficult endeavor since I struggled a lot in the past.

However, my views have changed immensely over the course of my learning. I have learned that anyone can write. While creativity is a talent on its own, it can also be taught. I have learned that even an average writer can develop into a good one if they follow the rules enable them to articulate their points well. For instance, I learned how to use transitions and develop ideas through different paragraphs. I have been taught about connecting ideas to ensure a piece of writing flows well. The most important aspect about writing is to ensure that the audience understands what one is communicating. Hence, the rules that facilitate the fluidity of a piece of writing can make anyone an expert in this field. For instance, I wrote a piece titled, "Metaphorical Stories" and received positive feedback. My strategy while writing this piece was to ensure I follow the simple rules. For example, I used transitions to move from one paragraph to the next, ensured that each paragraph had different idea, employed topic sentences, and provided examples to strengthen my points. In the end, my paper turned out to be very coherent even though I used simple words to pass them along.

Throughout the course, I have strengthened some areas and improved on my weaknesses. For instance, I had the weaknesses of being too repetitive in my papers. I would use different words to explain the same idea. I learned that I need to have an outline and draft to prevent this from happening. An outline would ensure I can up with different points while a draft would provide me with a glimpse of how my writing looks like before the final copy. I used this approach when writing "story of what I hear." I outlined all the points and wrote a draft that connected them together. In the end, I had a beautiful piece devoid of repetitive phrases and points. Additionally, I had the weakness of being too literal in my writing. The same hindered my ability to be creative and think outside the box. The course has challenged me to think about ideas that are outside of my comfort zone even if they are outrageous. I would refrain from fictional writing since I found it to be hyperbolic and outside of the world as I understood it. The course has enabled me to become an expert in fictional writing. For example, I wrote the story, "The Werewolf Experience" that is about the paranormal. I would have never thought that I could creatively design a story of this type.

Nonetheless, the learning has also sharpened the strengths I had before starting this semester. For instance, I am now more analytical and detail-oriented. The same has emanated from the descriptive writing facilitated by this course.

The learning has involved a lot of reading. I have read different stories that have in turn improved my creativity and writing skills. I have learned that good writing comes from extensive reading. For instance, my language has improved, and I now have a larger pool of vocabulary and phrases to make my writing interesting. The reading has also exposed me to different literary elements that I will continue using to improve my writing. For example, the story, "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings" taught me about metaphors and the use of irony to enhance the plot of a story. Therefore, the reading had enriched my writing that I believe is not the same as it was before I started the semester.


I am particularly aware of my coherence as a writer. I can now write in a chronological manner. My writing has become clear and concise. I used to rant whenever I was required to write anything; in both formal and informal settings. Notwithstanding the challenges that I am still experiencing, I believe that I can now write in a way that is both interesting and informative. Next semester, I would like to learn more about writing in the formal setting since it is applicable in many scenarios in my future career. All in all, I enjoyed learning about writing this semester and look forward to more experiences in the future.

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